Leo Full Moon: Clearing through the mist…

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Dear Friends,

A big warm hello from Mumbai under a beautiful Leo Full Moon, (exact at 2:35 AM EDT in NYC, at 7:35 AM UT and at 12:05 PM here in Mumbai.)

The Full Moon is at 29+ Leo, with the Sun at 29+ Aquarius just past a conjunction to Neptune at 28+ degrees, Mars at 26+ degrees and Mercury at 23+ degrees of the sign.

The last degree of a sign is always considered the most potent as it carries the cumulative energy and wisdom of all the degrees that come before it – before we evolve to the lessons of the next sign.

With all the action in Aquarius and the close conjunction of the Sun to Mars, Neptune and Mercury — as much as there has been inspiration, there has also been a sense of fog and confusion; the energy has been skittish, erratic and is certainly driving people a little crazy.

But Full Moon’s bring revelation: keep awareness of an essential truth within. Get clear on what you want first, then there can be clarity about the way forward.

Also this Full Moon trines the North Node, suggesting only in self-acceptance, vulnerability and acknowledging our soul passion can we express ourselves fully and fearlessly, freeing us to follow our destiny.

I’ll be back a little later today with an excerpt from the extended Leo Full Moon report. Subscribers can look for this in their email later today.

Warm Love,



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