Leo New Moon… | Mid-Year Sale! 2011 Horoscopes

Welcome to the Leo New Moon!

We’re entering a passionate epoch, igniting deep desires and even fears. Venus, in a close triple conjunction to the New Moon, forms a tight square to Jupiter suggesting the opportunities in front of us are ‘larger than life,’ and the seeds we are planting now are golden and fecund.

Look at where you have Leo– both in your Natal and Solar chart to see where this new cycle is beginning for you. Get in touch with the young cub within tapping into the Leonine energies of fun, flirtation adventure, creativity, and passion.

In spite of the intense pressure, sometimes you just have to let off steam and dare to be ‘young at heart’ again. This means opening one’s hearts to its depth and allowing your self to feel vulnerable. Drop the ego, defenses and expectations that prevent you from sharing the love you feel.

Leo’s energy is spontaneous with lion-like reflexes.  But the secret also lies in our ability to be bold, courageous, trusting, following our heart and the still small voice within.  It is the sign that most represents the eternal “now;” no matter what the past has been like, Venus conjunct the New Moon suggests there are greater treasures to be mined in the present.

The aspect to Jupiter suggests there could be a sense of exaggeration or urgency, right now. But use wisdom and common sense as you make your choices. And recognize the patience, time and practical steps it takes to gather resources or manifest something. Look before you leap and you can land on your feet.

Mercury stations retrograde on August 2 and there is a deeper story unraveling and facts that have yet to be understood. For now be honest with yourself about your desires and in no denial of a soul truth.

Currently, Mars is still in Gemini and enters Cancer just after Mercury’s retrograde station on Aug. 3, 2011. It passes through the Grand Cross in August completing a process of transition we’ve been in over the past two months and over the past year.   Venus travels in conjunction to the Sun through the month as well.  In August, keep your eyes on the prize and you can navigate this path with courage and determination.

I’ll be covering these and other transits occurring in August in the Monthly Astrological Overview. You can sign up here to receive yours at the beginning of each month. Here is the link to July’s report.

Also, I am offering the 2011 Annual Horoscopes at Mid-Year Sale prices. If you haven’t purchased yours already, get yours now…it is not too late.

We’re halfway through the year, but there’s still time to make crucial changes that bring lasting rewards. And August offers us a chance to re-write a story so there can be an experience of deeper, lasting joy and true happiness…

With Love at this New Moon,

Priya Kale, NYC. July 30, 2011


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