Leo New Moon report

A New Dawn: Leo New Moon, Aug. 10, 2010


An Excerpt ==

“With Venus triggering the T-square relationships and financial situation are more than likely heating up, inciting deep desires, passion and perhaps even dangerous obsessions. But do what you can to avoid power struggles with others and recognize the resolution you seek is an internal one.

“Her opposition to Jupiter suggests we act with wisdom of the heart, in a way that strengthens the greater whole. In any relationship, when one person loses the other loses too. What kind of victory is it if it happens at the very cost of what we are trying to preserve and appreciate? If you’re playing to win, be prepared to lose.

“Venus has just passed her conjunction to Saturn suggesting we are on a new cycle financially and emotionally within relationships. No matter how life and death or overwhelming a situation seems, the hardest part is behind us. Saturn can be like a gatekeeper between the past and the future. Now that we are on this new cycle, conscious efforts to leave behind past baggage will be richly rewarded.” — Priya Kale, Leo New Moon report, Aug. 10, 2010.


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