Libra Full Moon Report

Happy Libra Full Moon!

Read on for an excerpt of the Full Moon report covering the astrology for the next two weeks. You can download the full report by subscribing to the monthly service, or by making a one-time purchase at the link below.

— Priya


Libra Full Moon – full report

An excerpt ==

“Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, the sign opposite Aries the 1st sign of self; where the individual ego is faced with its mirror opposite. How does one maintain a sense of balance and harmony, when there two egos living under a roof, negotiating a deal a financial deal or trying to get their emotional needs met? This is a balance between independence and compromise. Within personal relationships, if there is love at the core, try to give each other space to be themselves in complete acceptance. Jupiter in Aquarius suggests the more independence we can foster, with a willingness to compromise, the greater the chances of finding that fine balance between commitment and freedom. In business relationships this is about creating benevolent partnerships that work towards the betterment of humanity or a larger collective group.

“There may be a tendency to go back and forth about an emotional decision, or trying to decide how we feel about something. With the Moon in Libra an air sign, the tendency maybe to use reason and want to weigh out options. But remember matters of the heart can never be calculated by logic. The balance is not of ideologies, but in terms of recognizing and respecting each other’s needs and finding a way to for both to have their needs met. The Aries Sun is a reminder that at the end of the day there must be action, or all the dreaming in the world will be futile.  Nothing is static, not the world, not an individual and definitely not a relationship. What we seek is not perfection but the willingness to be able to adjust and grow; and readjust the balance as we evolve individually.” — Priya Kale, NYC, Apr. 9, 2009, Libra Full Moon

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