Scorpio Moon, Venus in Pisces, Mercury in Taurus… Weekly Horoscope

We are still coming down from the energy of the Libra Full Moon which likely brought a few revelations regarding both business and personal relationships. There has been an element of having to weigh out an emotional decision which may have come to a stale mate. Now in Scorpio, the Moon is taking us under; there are likely deep feelings to be processed after all that has come to light.

The energy may feel gut wrenching and perhaps there are a few obsessions and unhealthy patterns that need to be let go of.  It may be easier now to not “think” about something, but rather to feel the intensity all the way through, allowing the energy to drain out any way you can. Remember the only way out is through.

Mercury is now in Taurus, where there can be a tendency to ruminate over a decision, but here gut instincts are strong so pay attention to those. There may be a practical solution to a problem if we are willing to be patient and ground our thoughts and focus on what we know is real before allowing them to get the better of us.

Also on Saturday, Venus retrogrades back into Pisces and hovers in the last degree of Pisces for around 10 days as she comes to halt and stations direct on Apr. 17, 2009. It has been a long fiery journey for many relationships, some that may have come with a feeling of being burned at the stake for passion we have no business feeling. As Venus re-enters Pisces and then stations direct, to me it seems like an opportunity to wash our heart clean of the past and be ready to dream again.

It’s a little past midnight here in New York and I have to admit with the overcast skies all day I’ve had the blues and the Scorpio Moon is always a deeply introspective time. Interestingly it was Good Friday today and the Scorpio Moon provided a befitting backdrop to this holy-day. What you are experiencing may feel like death, but trust that what is real, never dies. On Sunday just in time for Easter, we can expect a resurrection of spirit as the Moon moves into Sagittarius around mid-day here in New York. For now we just need to do the work and release those demons that hold us back from embracing the future.

I’ll be back here on Monday with more astrology for the coming week. Hope the Full Moon was kind to you and I wish you a Happy Easter…

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Weekly Horoscopes for the week of Apr. 7 to Apr. 13, 2009



Expect to be revealed an important secret about yourself. This may come in the light of a relationship or how you feel about partner or situation. Although blazing in the spotlight but a part of you is still in a deeply introspective phase and hopefully are recognizing your needs for more balance and harmony in your closest relationships. In all conversations now, use your earthiest sensibilities and think about where your values lie. You are nothing if not a person of your word, so use your steady approach when negotiating what you want out of a partnership. A recent situation may have brought you to a turning point within your creative or financial success, or it may be that a partner has been digging deep to let go of the past. Keep talking about what you want and trust the changes taking place are actually bringing you to a breakthrough transcendental moment in the near future.

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You’ve had to to let go of deep insecurities that led you to believe that you were at the mercy of some authority figure. You’ve  been on a journey of discovering your place in existence and lately all you may have wanted to do is retreat into the shadows. Something has been firing your subconscious but it may have been hard to put anything into words. This week you get your tongue back and I suggest you use it to recognize and express your need for more balance in your daily life, health and harmony within your working relationships. Right now your ability to take the time out for your inner life is feeding a fire for the greater awareness in you put out in the world, so throw away any guilt. Eliminate the clutter and don’t lose sight of a great hope that you’d almost given up on. You may need to rewrite the rule-book, but if you can confront your fears and speak the unchanging truth there is help and support making its way to you.

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Expect to feel a need to retreat over the next few weeks, although you’re social life is going to be anything but quiet and here is where your ability to be in two places at one time comes in handy. A relationship or deep friendship has likely been the focus of your attention and a burning hope now requires you to take a bit of a risk when it comes to your heart. You are learning a thing or two about your heart and your romantic nature, which may set you off on a journey of exploring your inner terrain. There is something innately solid about your instincts, which allows you to play devil’s advocate just for fun. There is nothing to fear, trust that in allowing yourself to go deeper you are about to unearth a core truth about your most intimate involvements. There are a couple of rules there that you need to excavate and toss out the window.

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Your career has been the focus of your attention lately and there is at least one opportunity coming up that allows you to further a burning ambition. This has the potential to set you on a path of greater financial freedom and recognition for your individual contribution. But in the midst of all this action on the work front, there is a deeper need for security coming to light. You need a balance when you come home after a long days work and no matter how weird your family you are need to feel connected. Recognize your need for more harmony and what you need to feel safe enough as you set out to conquer the world. This is more than likely to soothe any identity crisis you’ve had over your career.

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You’ve been on a quest of exploring your highest self and I suggest you do all you can to keep your eye on the bigger picture. Especially when it comes to the most important relationships in your life, make the effort now to communicate your feelings. If you can be open minded to opportunities you can find a simultaneous sense of freedom and reassurance of support that you’ve been looking for, as you spread your wings. Your need to explore your horizons has resulted in you being able to resolve an identity crisis once and for all. Sexually and financially you are coming to a breakthrough moment that is going to require you to let go of all control in favor of being awakened to a wet and delicious opportunity coming your way. There’s something shockingly divine about this.

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A relationship or important personal situation has been taking up a lot of your energy. Its called for action even when you may be filled with self-doubt, but in being flexible you are actually opening the gates to free yourself from something. No doubt how intense a situation feels, what matters is that you pay attention to how you feel about a situation. What do you want to happen and if you could look at things from a greater perspective what would you change. It may mean that you make small changes in your daily life, which contribute in a big way to your sense of emotional balance. Once you have that, you can make decisions on a firm footing leaving behind the darker forces of obsession that have plagued your heart giving you more stability for the future you dream of.

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Your relationships or the lack of have likely taken up all your energy. But in doing this you’ve come to understand a core truth about yourself and your role in the creation of all the situations in your life. Not all of this can have been easy, especially since it has asked you to let go of a past that has had it’s grip on you. But in resolving to confront your demons you have actually freed yourself to start a journey of “being” like few other times in your life. No doubt you want to be free, but remember what you seek is “freedom to…” rather than “freedom from…” Be yourself, knowing that you are complete in yourself, without any denial of the fact that you grow in the light of your relationships and they have their own place in your world.

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You’ve overcome a few daunting obstacles in your pursuit of passion that you need to give yourself credit for. You’ve been working hard to discipline yourself doing all you can to get yourself in working condition but recognize your need for a bit of a refuge. If there is a place that you can go hide away when the world gets too much, somewhere you know you’ll be welcomed — go. It needn’t be anywhere extraordinary just a place where you can rest your wearied mind. Your thoughts may be centered on a relationship at this time, if so allow your deep values to speak for themselves. There is a wet and delicious opportunity arriving in the coming weeks, which is what your heart ordered if you can let of all expectations take a risk on something that’s been dangling dangerously in the foreground for a while.

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You’ve been in the throes of discovering your creativity, passion or heart, or it could be children that have had you dancing to their tune. You’ve also had to overcome demons of self-doubt that keep you from recognizing your true potential. Trust that in staying true to your vision and not compromising your values you can now see a great hope come to light. Partners who up until now have been assessing risks are likely to be more than ready and receptive to hear what you have to say. It may mean renegotiating the terms of a working relationship, but this will help you ground your thoughts on the practical matters at hand. So be altruistic and grand as you share your dreams, there is more co-operation and support now available to you, if you can dare to be honest about what you feel so passionately about.

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Its taken every bit of perspective and courage to be honest with yourself regarding your innermost needs for warmth and the need to feel loved. Even as a domestic situation has taken up most of your time, you know there is a world out there waiting for you to shine. Your deep values and contribution to the world is not missed and you are due to receive the recognition you deserve. Do all you can to humbly accept what is coming to you and understand this is a result of you keeping a close check on your integrity. Your noble aspirations will continue to prove worthwhile as long as you are willing to keep an open mind about the future and recognize what really drives you to your success.

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You’ve been feeling the heat and situation has forced you to confront an obstacle and ask yourself what you most want to happen next. It may have taken a certain amount of fluidity to navigate around an obstacle or a tricky emotional or financial conversation. But in soaking up the reasons why you’ve been told you can’t do something, you’ve actually been set free to use your imagination to its fullest potential. Focus now on an altruistic ideal no matter how futile you may think it is. Your most optimism is what is contagious and can help partners see things from your perspective. A person is listening and you have more influence than you realize on this situation. If you can think big and in a spirit of co-operation you could blow people out of the water with what can be done.

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I can’t even imagine what its like being you right now Pisces. Your awareness if nothing else has grown painfully beyond any human capacity to know and feel as deeply as you do. Yes you have a heart that beats wildly and mad passions that drive you straight into brick walls but somehow magically you always swim through it all. You learnt a long time ago that you create your emotional and tangible reality, now it is a question of asking yourself the burning question — what do you want? If you want what you say you do, which is a more peaceful way of co-existing and look at what a situation is reflecting back to you. You can now have an honest conversation with a partner that puts you at ease regarding their commitment to the situation. Be willing to have a dialogue where each person feels heard and you will find a way through this together.

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