Pluto sextiles Juno, Mercury conjuncts Asbolus

Tighten your seat-belts. Mars conjuncts Uranus in Pisces this week and how this all will play out depends on how much we are willing to use our imagination, step out of our boundaries and welcome the infinite possibilities of change.

Today there are a couple of potent aspects forming – Pluto now retrograde in Capricorn sextiles Juno, now in Pisces. There are rules that need to be revised within relationships. Juno in Pisces speaks of relationships that have deeply soulful lessons to teach us if are willing to dissolve the ego and reach for an eternal truth that keeps you together.

As Pluto moves retrograde through the sky in Capricorn we are in a process of restructuring from the core. This means acknowledging the subconscious and sometimes destructive patterns we have built, just because it has always been done a certain way. There are boundaries and rules that need to be revised but this can only happen with honesty and a willingness to go beyond the surface.

With the Full Moon in Libra (the sign representing relationships) followed by an intense Scorpio Moon, there may have been some heavy and deep emotions to deal with. This has been a time for finding a balance between the need to compromise and the need to assert ones own individuality.

If things got a little too heated and intense, the Moon is now in Sagittarius allowing us with little effort to see the silver lining to the darkest cloud. As Mercury conjuncts Asbolus today there could be one conversation that could potentially bring stability if not turn things around. Asbolus is a centaur whose name means “carbon dust,” the basis of all life. Eric Francis says of this planet “Survival and the recognition of having survived. Deep contact with something organic and essential — the ability to endure and even thrive ‘despite it all’.”

The conjunction in a fixed sign speaks of deep commitment, but also warns of stubbornness that is ultimately futile and destructive. Look for that which has been consistent in your life and then look beyond perceptions of the past that project fear into the present and future.

We may need to dig past the pride, beliefs and rubble, but there is an unchanging truth that still survives. Taurus is the sign of values and there could now be a recognition of the worth of something — an idea or perhaps what someone truly means to you. Mercury in Taurus is also like the earth, steady, consistent, committed and abundantly fertile. A re-mind-er that as we sow, so shall we reap and any commitment after all always comes from the inside out.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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