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Libra Full Moon, An Excerpt ==

“Libra’s symbol the scales provide a deep insight into its energy. Some of the core themes of Libra are truth, justice, balance and harmony. An air sign ruled by Venus, it represents the intellectual part of the creative process, love, fashion, beauty, and social graces.

“Most significantly it rules the 7th house of the zodiac completing the first set of opposites in the zodiac. Traditionally Libra represents marriage and relationships, which are indeed a fine balance between the “I” and the “thou.” A relationship (any kind) is only as “good” as the needs of both people are being met, if not things get off balance with one carrying more than their share of the burden. Then resentment almost always ensues.

“As the Full Moon passes over Saturn, it is revealing what is needed to stabilize a situation and highlighting important facts and truths we have to face. Every relationship is also a give and take and there may be a status quo that needs to change now. Look at the area of your chart occupied by Libra and be honest about the work that needs to be done.

“With Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Aries there is definitely an emphasis of awareness on one’s own needs. But the Moon only represents a deeper part of our psyche and emotional needs as well. What do you want from a relationship or situation? More importantly what are you willing to do to restore balance and harmony?

“An honest conversation or dialogue can certainly restore peace, but first we need to know where we stand with ourselves. Like the scales, relationships sway. We don’t need to find perfection at all times, but rather our own natural rhythm of give and take with each other.

“Relationships are certainly heating up and reaching a turning point as Venus squares Mars in Leo at the end of the week, shortly after her ingress in Taurus mid-week.” — Priya Kale, An excerpt from the Libra Full Moon report. Read full article.

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