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Dear Friends,

It’s been a wet, cold, rainy day in the New York City, with more on the way. Meanwhile higher up in the sky, Venus ingresses Taurus her home sign today [Mar. 31, 2010.] Venus in Taurus doesn’t come empty handed, she comes bearing gifts; the transit is due to bring much needed emotional and financial security. And even if she came empty handed, you can bet she’d know what to do with those hands. This is lush, sensual, creative energy which is is likely to find us growing in abundance, financially and emotionally.

On a deeper level this is about seeing the true value of someone or something — that which lies at the core. Taurus is the most physical sign of the zodiac. It represents the body, one’s possessions, material wealth, fertility and beauty. Most importantly this is the sign of self-worth. How we feel about ourselves determines the love and wealth we attract. It begins with self-acceptance.

Venus the ruler of the sign, gives us a clue to the source of abundance and life itself, is loving oneself. Loving one’s body can be one of the hardest challenges to face in this world of superficial beauty we live in. Our body is a gift indeed, the temple that houses the soul — giving us this gift and experience of life in the flesh. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Earlier in the day, the Moon ingresses Scorpio at 8:45 AM EDT in the US, around mid-day in UK and later in the evening in Australia.We are still under the influence of the Full Moon energy.

Only now as the Moon enters Scorpio it squares Mars, expect the “politeness” of Libra to vanish and give way to deeper emotions that we may have suppressed. This could feel like a heatwave. At best this can be a lush expression of physical, sexual, sensual and creative energy.

In Scorpio, the Moon is intensifying feelings of desire perhaps even jealousy or possessiveness. In a square to Mars, be careful not to project your insecurities or act from pride, ego or your defenses. This is an opportunity to turn a corner in recognizing and more importantly owning ones true desires, feelings and power. Kill those demons with courage.

Relationships and financial situations reach the first in a series of coming turning points. Try not to control anyone or anything at this time. Find your own power and if you feel the heat rise, take a deep breath and count to ten before you say anything. Look at what is provoking a reaction rather than simply react. It may be scary to admit feelings even to ourselves, because it leaves us feeling exposed and vulnerable. There is nothing to be ashamed of, especially if what we feel is love. Only in acknowledging something can we change it and act on true desires rather than fear.

Even if it feels like a part of you is dying, this is only creating a fertile space for something new to be born. Relationships don’t end — they evolve. The Full Moon has brought to light important truths and true something cannot continue in the form it has been. If we can release the painful past, we can resurrect and re-ignite a spark. Financially as well, surrender any fears of going under and channel the energy creatively.

All aspects suggest if we move forward with an open heart with a sense of appreciation, humility, spontaneity and adventure, there is emotionally as well as tangibly there is gold to be mined.

With love,



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