Libra Moon…

Welcome to another day in the Cosmos,

We’re moving forward from an intense Leo New Moon that is asking us for self-confidence and courage in the face of deep uncertainty.

It may feel like we’re walking the razor’s edge. With Venus moving toward a conjunction to Mars, the passion and heat are definitely on the rise within relationships and financial situations.

On August 20th, as Saturn makes its third and final square to Pluto, there are other major aspects aligning, all within a span of 24 hours: the Sun opposes Neptune, Venus conjuncts Mars, and Mercury stations retrograde (I’ve explained these aspects in detail in the Leo New Moon report, or stay tuned for more on these pages).

The aspects are a dramatic backdrop to the Saturn-Pluto square that will bring us to a final turning point in a transition that began in November of last year. Consider this the final stretch of the marathon –- then we can all breathe a little easier.

Today on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010, the Moon enters Libra at 6:42 PM EDT and will remain in the sign until Aug. 14, 2010. As it enters Libra, it triggers the T-square, making conjunctions to Vesta, Saturn, Venus and Mars.

Expect relationships to be in the spotlight over the next two days. This can be a powerful time for emotional healing, deepening our understanding of mutual desires and of what can be done to stabilize a situation.

Vesta conjuncts Saturn in Libra on Friday Aug. 13, 2010, and to me this seems to symbolize a sacred marriage. Whether this is one’s commitment to one’s art, sexuality, ideals or another person, there is a quality of solid devotion attached to it.

On Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010, Uranus re-enters Pisces, and God alone knows what splash of surprises this could bring. I’ll be back with more astrology soon. In the meanwhile, stay sane and have fun!

— Priya Kale, NYC


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