Uranus in Pisces

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Dear Friends,

Friday the 13th came and went. Now Uranus is back in Pisces, releasing torrents of emotion, awakening the soul. This has also been a time for magic and serendipity. Be grateful for the illusions you are being released from.

If Pisces represents the soul and the eyes are the window, then personally I can tell you that mine have been washed clean. I cried all day yesterday, but now there is a new clarity again. There may be a sense now of being awoken from a dream, but the level of “shock” experienced is likely to be equal to the depth of our slumber.

Be grateful for what you are learning now. Over the coming week there are powerful alignments taking place that suggest the need for a little more self-reflection and a little less projection and mistrust as we make these shifts.

I just finished recording a podcast with Scott and Jennifer speaking on Uranus’ transit through Pisces and the astrology for the coming week. I should have that up on the site hopefully Saturday or Sunday. Also, I’ll be back with weekly horoscopes in your mailbox.

Hope you have a magical weekend…




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