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We’re just past the Libra New Moon which occurred yesterday on Oct. 15, 2012.

This was the first New Moon in the sign after the departure of Saturn, so there is a sense of being able to breathe a little easier in some respects. But still Mars (now in Sagittarius) trined Uranus in Aries, Mars’ home sign. This may have brought a few unexpected developments threatening to throw us off balance or pushing us to take a risk.

But with the New Moon in Libra, take a deep breath and have faith in yourself as you make choices to follow the wisest course of action, even if it feels a little risky. This means remembering the lessons of the past two and a half years and remembering them well, as we move into the lessons of Saturn in Scorpio. When it comes to relationships (Libra is about relationships) this will require authenticity with ones self first. So we feel free to be ourselves with another, rather than trying to please someone else.

Currently the Moon is in Scorpio and will conjunct Mercury around the time I post this Blog. The mystery is deepening and the plot thickening. Surrender. The only way out is through…

Bye for now but I’ll be back with more soon…



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