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Something touches your heart in a way this month which may cause you to rub your eyes in disbelief. Before you decide something is too good to be true,  ask yourself — what are you denying that you can’t anymore? Be very honest in all your communications and use your highest level of discernment to weed through the opinions floating all around you. You may not know who you can trust, but there are people in your life who do speak truth and are opening your mid to a whole world of possibilities. Also, I would suggest you be willing to swim in your vulnerability and fears and befriend them rather than try to escape them. Once you do you will see they vanish into the mist they came from, liberating you to pour your energy selflessly to a cause you deeply care about. Just be sure not to get too critical of your efforts. You are being challenged to go past your limits, but more so you are learning just how limitless and free you really are. There is a burning passion within you now and if you can be honest about this you can attract and create in your life the kind of love, creativity and fulfillment you dream of.

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You’re pretty hot and jazzed up this month so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the public eye. Although personally you’ve been going through a phase of introspection which is only about to get deeper. What is it that is igniting a fire deep in your soul? It may feel like you are breathing fire as you slay your demons, but this is helping you reconnect with eternal passion and the core fiery energy that sustains you. You’ve long dedicated to yourself to giving selflessly to one creative project or relationship close to your heart, while holding on to hope for great breakthrough. When this moment arrives this month, it may be almost nerve racking and you may have to call up on all your faith to find the wisdom you need to navigate this to an essential truth. But once you do there is something making itself crystal clear regarding at least one relationship situation or ambition. Which if you acknowledge its power can be a hugely creative and healing force in this world. What happens this month is bringing you a taste of a wild fantasy, even as you work on healing that heart.

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Events in your life have hopefully inspired to open your eyes to the great big world out there, refueling your hope in a grand ambition. I suggest you go through the beginning of the month in a spirit of complete awareness of your highest ideals. You’re dreaming of something that serves a larger purpose to humanity, so move forward in faith and complete awareness, even of your own wounds. You are reaching one breakthrough moment in your career that is likely to leave you afloat in unchartered waters. When it comes to love or a financial freedom, your friendship with a partner is your most precious asset so be honest about your needs for a passionate or creative connection.  Overcome the tendency to worry and don’t allow past failures to get in the way of your future. If you can get over your own emotional insecurities and break through chains of the past, you stand in a moment of what could be pure divine inspiration. This is shining opportunity, which if you can find your sea legs could find you floating all the way to the kind of success you’ve only dreamed of.

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There is a difficult conversation that you know you need to have this month, which is pushing you past your own limits of being able to keep focused on the bigger picture unfolding. This may have something to do with a financial or deeply personal commitment that you’ve been trying to come to terms with. Be willing to examine your doubts about a situation, it may not be that someone is trying to deceive you but you may be in denial of something that you would do well to acknowledge. Be gentle with yourself and know that those that love and support you will always be there for you no matter what. It is the more nebulous attractions you need to keep an eye on. You are close to making a commitment or coming to an agreement with an important partner, which if you can keep your eye on the bigger picture unfolding could have you re-envisioning the kind success that you deserve. Professionally you are learning your own creative fire that propels you, but you are also learning what fame and success really mean to you. There is the kind that satiates selfish desires, but can ultimately be a lonely lead to being lonely on the top. Then there us kind that comes from creating a reputation for being boldly yourself, while having faith in the connections that support your creative talents.

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You seem to be going deeper into uncharted water that is asking you to dissolve and surrender into a deeply sexual or financial situation. If it feels more like you are drowning rather than in the flow of things, remember to take a deep breath and focus on the spiritual and soul connection you share with a partner, rather than the one that ties to the primal forces of the material world. Your sexual freedom and financial solvency depend on your ability to push through your emotional walls that you’ve been fighting hard to keep in place. But ask yourself how much is this keeping out the resources and intimacy that you actually can’t deny you need? Acknowledge your own wounds which you tend to project onto a relationship as imminent failure. Any tendency towards denial will result in a feeling of being shocked when reality comes to forefront, so be brutally honest with yourself and another about about what a relationship means to you. The more truthful you can be within a sensitive conversation the greater your feeling of being set free rather than one of anxiety worry and nervousness. Avoid being too self-critical and focus on healing and building your self-esteem. You have a lot more to offer within a situation and the sooner you wake up to that fact – you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised with the new world you find yourself in. One that you create by giving yourself permission to swim with the current.

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What happens this month is shedding a profound light on how you feel about a particularly unpredictable situation surrounding a relationship. This comes at a time when you’re so involved with keeping your head above water in a day to day sense that you may miss a crucial factor if you aren’t careful. Awareness is key as you go through the month, especially when it comes to you needing to find more financial and sexual freedom of expression as a part of your everyday life. At this time be sure to find your voice and speak up for what you can’t deny anymore. It’s never easy for you to talk about your feelings but if you are can be less critical and go with the flow, you stand to make contact with something luscious and deep. It may call for an evolution on your part, but in pushing past your boundaries you are making contact with something soulful and rich. This is breathing new life into a situation that may have thus far proved too difficult to wrap your head around. You’ve calculated your risks, now trust your intuition and the fire that burns deep within your soul pushing you to an inner transcendence.

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What happens this month sets you backtracking how you feel about a relationship and I would suggest you be very honest in acknowledging your role of creation of the current dynamics. A partner for their part has been deeply soul searching, learning a few perhaps painful truths about their own needs for freedom of expression. No doubt, this is someone who has permeated your being and if you are not currently in a relationship I would wonder if there is someone you are denying the presence of. Encourage an honest dialogue; your awareness and sensitivity of another’s wounds, can be a deeply healing force if you are willing to put aside your ‘me-first’ attitude within your relationships. True you need more fulfillment on a daily basis than you’ve been getting, but unless you are willing to imagine a better way it won’t happen. Share your dream (however explosive) for more daily passion and work through your inner fears that hold you back from experiencing something divine. If you can be creative as well as fluid in the way you go about this, there is potentially something huge making its way into your heart — but you have to be open to it.

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You’ve been confronting deep fears regarding your emotional and financial security which may have you feeling like you are disintegrating. There may be a tendency now for you to deny something because it is too deeply painful, but any escapism or tendency to hide in the shadows will only lead to more chaos. Be very honest now about your own stuff, especially that which has deep ties to the past; perhaps a little more nebulous and nefarious than you care to acknowledge. Only in being aware of your own wounds can you bring healing. Be less critical about a great hope that has been anything but easy to manifest; nothing matches your dedication to a cause, so have faith in that if nothing else. There is a deep awareness arising now within you that you would do well to put into words. You’ve been learning to trust your heart again and something maybe calling on you now to take a risk. If you push forth you in honesty and speak from the heart, you may be pleasantly surprised with the outpouring of love and creative energy you receive in return. This has the ability to soothe your restless mind and sink deeper into something luscious, deep and delicious; that can also make your heart beat a 100 miles per second. This is not fear, but passion welling up that if you can surrender to will find you floating not drowning in a divine pool of ecstasy.

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Right now you are the keeper of a vision but as you go through this month something may make you feel like a fire is dying down within a romantic or creative situation. Be extremely careful in your perceptions and conversations this month. It’s not that a partner is lying to you, but there is the danger of deception that you need to be aware of, so trust your intuition at all times. I suggest you not get paranoid, but be very discerning until you feel the fog has begun to clear and don’t allow another’s lack of clarity to fog you. You are being asked to go deeper within your being to find the source of passion in your heart that fuels your faith. There is situation surrounding your home or an aspect of your inner security that has been screaming for attention for a while now. It may mean that you be less critical of your professional ambitions for a while and focus on finishing the projects you’ve started. You will be back in your game soon enough, in the meanwhile focus on breaking through your resistance in being honest and saying what you feel. It may mean that a few of your favorite things get put on the back burner for while. But trust that in dealing with what now needs your energy, and the forces of chaos that threaten to shake your inner peace, you are actually making way for something a lot deeper and fulfilling to enter your life. Something that sets your heart and soul on fire and leads you all the way to your destiny.

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You’ve been battling forces for a while now that leaving you feeling like a wobbling jelly fish each time you open your mouth. Your awareness is growing, awakening you to higher truths about what you want and need to feel more emotionally and financially safe in this world. You consider yourself a fiercely independent and you are, but even you know now that the inner warmth you seek cannot come unless you are brave enough to ask for it. Be fluid and creative in your imagination and allow it to draw from your inner core that is evolving slowly but surely. If you can think out of the box, there is an almost divine idea trying to make a splash in your world. Be philosophical and honest about how you are changing and about the great hope you hold deep in your heart. There is at least one person in your life who is listening intently and is committed to walking this road with you, focus on your integrity and dedication that holds you steady when the winds of changing are blowing strong. This has the potential to bring a higher understanding and within an important partnership, and the warmth that fills you inner life by the end of the month should show you just how silly you were to worry.

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Its been a busier year than most and as you can see its only just begun. You go through an intense phase of crystallization this month, that is teaching you to find your voice and what you really want from life. You have people in your world hanging on to your every word and flattery is their weapon. Not that anyone is trying to deceive you, you indeed are brilliant and genius and all that — but there could be a danger that you end up deceiving yourself with an inflated sense of ego when what is truly needed is just plain and simple honesty. This is about you finding your own inner sense of self that truly is a vast as the cosmic ocean from which springs forth your creativity — and as the sign representing collective consciousness you well know that you could never do this alone. You are coming upon a moment to shine in all your glory and if you could have what you wanted emotionally, financially — what would you ask for? It may mean moving past your worries regarding an important situation that refuses to budge, but as long as you keep being true to yourself you can break through any nervousness or anxiety you face being thrown at you.

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You’ve been going through a phase of extreme psychic activity, calling on you to keep a heavy discernment and awareness of what is going on in your life and your subconscious mind. You may now be dealing with forces of fear as well as paranoia that can arise if you are not aware of where you feel wounded. There is a dream you’ve ben holding for a while that has the potential to awaken many to a greater truth about our existence as humans on this planet. Now as you bring this vision to life, this month brings you to another moment when you have to assert yourself, even if it means shocking a few people. Be honest in one very important conversation within a partnership. This has the potential to deepen your connection in way that finally puts the deep doubts you’ve been having regarding to this association at rest. A partner does indeed have faith in you and your abilities and despite their concerns wants to build something with you that goes on to serve a larger purpose. You are also learning just where your values lie when it comes to love and money. You may have a change of heart now as you realize that you have placed importance on attractive but ultimately un-fulfilling values. Be honest with yourself and others now with what you truly need and want, as well as your more selfish desires that stand in the way of intimacy and success. If you do you stand to make a new start based on something that really warms your heart and sets you on fire as you work to making dreams come true.

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