Mars in Gemini sextiles Mercury in Leo

Welcome to a big Eclipse week!

Over the weekend as the Sun in Cancer trined Uranus in Pisces showering us with divine energy, healing the soul. There may have been creative, emotional and spiritual breakthroughs and revelations discovering new depths within a situation or relationship. With the trine in water signs, there may also have been a feeling of being drenched in the sacred or awakening to a divine flow of energy.

We are now in the dark of the Moon as she passes through Cancer over the next two days; leading to the Solar Eclipse on Tuesday in the last degree of the sign [closely trine Uranus.]

Expect there to be changes and new starts now, but if we can go with the flow, trust our intuition this is only leading us to an ocean of possibilities. Uranus asks that we dare to dream; if we are able to push through our own emotional walls there is an infinite place of abundance available.

In today’s aspects — Mars in Gemini sextiles Mercury in Leo. Now is the time to be bold, honest and direct in communications, without allowing pride, ego, impatience or anger get in the way. This is a fiery aspect that could allow truth to hit home so to speak if we can be honest with ourselves first and then communicate. We are setting important new patterns and cycles within relationships and this aspect could really help clear the air if you find a way to speak from the heart.

Also, Venus will square Saturn at the time of this eclipse. There may be a feeling of being stretched financially or emotionally. Find a way to release inner blockages to abundance and understanding. This is about resolving an inner sense of limitation and finding ones own integrity and faith.

On a personal note — My trip to Washington DC turned out to be more serendipitously divine than I could have imagined. But then again perhaps it was written in the stars… I’m back in New York for now after that much needed break and will be back with the Eclipse Report sometime late Monday or early Tuesday. Hope all is well where you are…

— Priya, NYC


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