Moon in Taurus enters Gemini, Mercury enters Leo…

It’s been quite a morning for me — I manged to get myself locked IN the apartment I’m staying in while I’m visiting DC. Finally, I’m out and now sitting at  Cafe  Tu o Tu here in Foggy Bottom checking, my email and the planets for the day.

We’re still under the sensual Taurus Moon and the Moon will move into Gemini tonight at 9:11 EST. Ground yourself now in what is solid, once the Moon enters Gemini we can expect this to be a social weekend. But on a deeper note, we are between the eclipses and Mars an Venus are in Gemini as well. So expect conversations surround relationships and finances to pick up over the next few days.

Also poignantly Mercury enters Le today — suggesting it’s time to speak from the hear. Mercury in Cancer has been a lesson in rising above insecurities when communicating. It has also been a time for understanding needs as far as emotional security. Be bold, honest and courageous in your conversations. Be cautious not to let pride and ego get involved and be willing to get the heart of a matter.

— Priya Kale, Washington DC


The Weekly Horoscopes have been uploaded to the site. Here is this weeks sample for Leo in honor of the Sun moving into Leo next week —



“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” You’ve been wading through deep fears and doubts lately. But consider this week a soul-baptism re-birthing you bathed divine glory. Only your self-criticism can hold you back from manifesting what has been a sweet hope of freedom. Find your own integrity and be honest about what something or someone means to you. There is a connection you share which has the ability to touch you at the depth of your soul, revealing a deep truth to you about yourself. If you can trust, this could potentially open up a deep well of resources and floodgates to intimacy. Allowing you the freedom of being who you were born to be – yourself.

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