Mars in Scorpio, Pluto direct in Capricorn, Jupiter-Uranus conjunct in Pisces

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In case you haven’t felt it already, things are shifting. Mercury is now direct, and yesterday, Pluto stationed direct and Mars entered Scorpio, releasing core transformational energy.

Today, Wednesday, the Moon enters Capricorn and will trigger the T-square, bringing us to a final turning point in situations and a final chance to correct our course consciously as we head toward the Aries Full Moon and Equinox next week.

This is due to bring a powerful culmination of events that have been in transition since November of last year, taking us to the next level of development.

Mars and Pluto suggest that our ability to shape the future will depend on conscious choices made in awareness of our motivations and of the reality we’ve already created.

As Mercury moves forward, we’re regaining crucial understanding of reality as it stands, giving us another chance to redirect our paths where we may have veered off-course. We can now also renew our understandings of situations that may have seemed to go horribly wrong the more we tried to fix them.

Mars and Venus are now in Scorpio and will travel closely together through the rest of the year. The energy is creative, lucrative, deeply passionate and sexual. Venus remains in Scorpio for most of the rest of the year, suggesting a longer phase emerging that will bring profound changes and transformation in financial, creative and personal situations and relationships.

Scorpio is the sign that symbolizes death and, more significantly, resurrection. It strips us of all that is unreal and leaves behind only “essence,” indestructible even by death. This is a very alchemical process, and with Venus and Mars in aspect, you could say it’s pure gold.

But first comes the process of burning the impurities. It is only when we’ve seen the worst of another and are still able to love them that we can go deeper into levels of intimacy and trust. If there is no trust or any imbalance of power, then one person ends up feeling or being victimized.

With Saturn in Virgo for the past two years, there has been a feeling of life not being one’s own, a sense of service to a higher power. But ‘what or who are you serving?’ is the bigger question. Are you a slave to your desires?

This is why Libra comes before Scorpio. With the upcoming Full Moon next week as the Sun enters Libra, expect relationships to come to a head, teaching us the importance of interdependence, mutual respect, equality and cooperation. This Full Moon will also trigger the T-square aspect, bringing a final culmination to dramas that have been playing out perhaps since November of last year.

But perhaps the most magical, hopeful and inspiring news comes as Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces on Sept. 18, 2010. This is very permeable, ‘spiritual’ energy, the kind that touches your soul and opens the gateway to heavenly experiences and dreams that we dare not dream. Magic and delicious, ethereal surprises are all around if we are open to receive.

Stay open to serendipity…


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