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Hello, and welcome to the weekend,

There are powerful aspects aligning in the cosmos over the next few days, leading to a powerful Full Moon next week. How we direct and steer this energy (not try to control it) is what will determine the course of the future.

On Saturday, Mercury trines the North Node at 11:42 AM EDT; Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces at 9:25 PM EDT; and Mars in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 10:41 PM EDT. These aspects occur later in the day and overnight in UK and Australia. At this time, the Moon will be in Aquarius and will remain in the sign through the weekend.

With Mercury now direct and in a trine with the North Node, expect to have important conversations that show us the way to the future and where this is all headed, this time with greater understanding of all the intricate processes at work. It will require commitment and dedication to a path and goal, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Mars and Pluto aligning are bringing a surge of power, passion and progress. Channeled consciously, this could be an unstoppable force. Just remember: with power comes responsibility.

Pluto is making its way slowly across the North Node. This is a powerful indicator of global, social and cultural evolution. The recent T-square brought these changes into effect full force, and the coming Aries Full Moon will mark a final turning point.

Capricorn is the third earth sign, representing physical energy in its most evolved state. We could say this is wealth, status and power, but in its highest manifestation, it represents knowledge (of mankind and humanity), the true source of wealth and power.

How can we use our true wealth — knowledge (which comes not from textbooks, but from core experiences of being) — consciously? How can we transmute the darker energy and perhaps painful personal life experiences into something that ultimately brings light and makes the world a better place?

Pluto can tend to bring darker impulses to the surface, but in acknowledgment there can be change. What motivates you in your desires for love, success or pleasure?  How do we use or misuse or withhold information? Mars in Scorpio is bringing about evolution on a personal, “individual” level. It doesn’t have to be a major change; a small, subtle one could make a world of a difference in the larger emerging destiny, as well as on a personal level.

With Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces, this is ethereal energy, although a little wild and rambunctious. We could experience a few unexpected showers. But a magician is one who works with the elements, with what is present — making something out of seemingly nothing. This is very imaginative and creative energy with an element of being able surrender to the divine unknown and dance in the rain.

In letting go of illusions, of fearful fantasies, we can begin to appreciate the magical, rich reality of the present. Expect the effects of this conjunction to linger for a while. Both planets are in retrograde motion, so this suggests an inner giving way, recognition of inner depth and wisdom of experience.

By early January next year, Jupiter and Uranus will conjunct again in Pisces (this time direct), and Venus will remain in Scorpio throughout this entire phase, suggesting a longer phase emerging for creative, financial, emotional and sexual partnerships and situations.

Early next week, just before the Full Moon, the Virgo Sun will make an opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. This will bring a more personal experience of the energy and a breakthrough in situations, showing us how to integrate all that we’ve learned over the past two years, as well as in the past month, and put it to work and good use.

Relationships could get rather passionate, with Venus and Mars both traveling through Scorpio, but allow yourself to “feel” without denial or trying to analyze everything. What on the surface seems chaotic has more depth and is part of grander divine design. Look at what is possible rather than focus on what isn’t, and then let go and enjoy the ride.

Wishing you love and magic,



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“Dear Priya,

Just listened to mine–Capricorn. Such a lovely and rich reading.  Thank you. It certainly will.  I will go back to it over and over again.  I liked your delivery and presentation–clear, crisp and measured.  I understood everything in one take.  I also like how you were clear about the planetary aspects and dates, explaining what planetary influences cause what and when.  Your vision is very kind and supportive.”


Billie, Poughkeepsie, NY


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