Virgo Sun opposes Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces; Heading to Equinox and Aries Full Moon…

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Did you feel it then? Yesterday, the Virgo Sun made an opposition to Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces.

This may have brought a few surprising developments and overwhelming feelings to deal with. On the other hand here could be heavenly magical surprises in store, like something that shakes you to the core of your bones, touching the soul, leaving you swirling speechless in the divine. Be open to receive.

I know more than one person who was in bed with the flu. This is potent energy, possibly nervous, chaotic energy. But sometimes it is only out of chaos that creation happens. Go with the flow, listen to your body and find a way to channel the energy – through art, music or whatever moves you.

Speaking of, I got a surprise call from my brother late last evening, telling me he had free tickets to see Shakira in concert. I’ve never really been a listened to her music much, but I’m glad I went; it turned out to be a fun evening with my brother and couple of our friends.

That girl can move, and her hips certainly don’t lie. She ended the show with the World Cup song, which brought back wonderful World Cup memories, with Niles and Juno who were here with me this summer. And now that I think about it, was the time of the last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in June (then in Aries.)

It was the perfect experience of the Virgo-Pisces energy to watch a beautiful body move with music and spirit. Pisces represents divine energy, it also represents music and vibration. That’s why music and poetry is said to be the language of God — it stirs the soul. It’s also why rock stars can be like mini-gods.

We are all rock-stars in our own right. It’s about understanding our role in the Universe, and allowing Spirit to move, guide and mold us into a divine image and purpose. Rather than us trying to force a specific manifestation of selfish desires. No matter how magnificent our dreams and fantasies, we can trust God has dreamed a better reality for us than we could ever dare to.

With the astrology we are being asked to break free of our attachments to illusions and perhaps fearful fantasies. The reality is a lot more sublime and beautiful if we can only dare open our eyes and awaken to it. Pisces represents “spirit” – whether this is “soul” in it’s most ethereal state or be it “addiction” in any form, it is our hungering for the Divine and a desire to fill that great void, that drives us.

With the Sun in Virgo, recognize it is impossible to rationalize a divine plan. To a certain extent we have to trust our feelings and have faith. There is definitely a sense of walking into the unknown. Yesterday’s aspect has brought us a final opportunity to integrate the lessons of the past two years of Saturn in Virgo.

As the Moon moves through Pisces it will conjunct Jupiter and Uranus again bringing us an inner emotional intuitive understanding of the all the creative chaos that has spilled over. Absorb all that is coming through as you move through today and understand what it is you need personally and can do, to make a healthier balanced co-operative start with others.

As the Sun enters Libra tonight, it marks the Autumnal Equinox putting the spotlight on relationships. Also tomorrow (Sep. 22, 2010) marks a profoundly potent Aries Full Moon, at 5:17 AM marking a culmination point of the transition we’ve been in since last November. This one conjuncts the Aries Point, so we can expect important global shifts going into effect over the coming days.

On a personal level, this Full Moon asking us to step up and take responsibility for the reality (especially within relationships) we have created before moving forward. With Venus and Mars in Scorpio this is a powerful core transformation we are experiencing within sexual and financial connections. It’s due to be an emotional time which means dealing with the good, bad and ugly.

How we manage our relationships will be key, but this comes from being honest with ourselves first. Unless we own our feelings we will continue to swim in painful confusion. Ever since I was young I used to say, “feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just ‘are.’” Acknowledge, accept and own yours – only then there can be change. Ultimately most of the barriers in connecting with another on deeper levels of trust come from differences of perception, not the heart.

Recently, Niles called me “spiritually clumsy” and dared me to write about it (that’s a Blog for another day.) It’s true, I am. But we all are, in our own way. We all make mistakes, we fall down, but as long there is learning there can be growth and that indeed is the only journey we are on — of evolution. The Full Moon suggests, with honest reflective (not reactive) communication in an effort to seek understanding and compromise, we can restore a crucial balance.

I’ll be back in your mailbox with the Aries Full Moon report, with a detailed interpretation of the aspects at the time of this lunation. This Moon report is part of the Subscriber services that support this site. If you are not yet a subscriber, I encourage you to please sign up at this link for a free week’s trial.

In the meanwhile, I wish you a passionate Full Moon!

In Love,

Priya Kale


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