Mars squares Neptune, Saturn opposes Uranus (first of five oppositions)

Hello and welcome to election day here in the US. In the early hours of the morning Mars squares Neptune in Aquarius followed by Saturn’s exact opposition to Uranus — the first in a series of five over the next couple of years. I’ve talked about both these aspects in the post below as well as in the recent past, so please take a look if you haven’t read it already to get an idea of the energy we are under the influence of.

This is a day when some very decisive decisions are being made, for the world as well as in our personal lives. But there is an aspect of caution as Mars squares Neptune, suggesting we really need to be aware of projections and making choices based on an inner truth rather than a fear.

Also as Jon Cainer rightly observed on his site comment for the day, with the Moon void for most of the day — victory will come but there may be issues and complications that crop up later. When the Moon is ‘void-of-course’ it is a time of transition after she has made its last aspect from the sign it is leaving. Anything done during this phase of the usually is inconclusive and nothing much that happens as a result of it.

Also today Mercury from the last degrees of LIbra sextiles Pluto for the last time in Sagittarius, before it enters Scorpio later in the day. With Mercury moving into Scorpio and joining the Sun and Mars in the sign, the intrigue is likely to heighten. In Scorpio, Mercury can be very intuitive, psychic and willing to go deeper to come up with an answer. But we need to watch for obsessive thoughts and the tendency towards secrecy or not wanting to talk about our feelings and emotions. If anything this is a sign that we go deeper and be willing to talk about what we otherwise only dare think of.

I will be back tomorrow with the blog as usual — let’s just pray today goes the way it needs to.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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