A perfect storm…

Its about 6 PM here in NYC and needless to say I’ve been watching the election coverage. We don’t have a conclusion yet at this time, but I had to write a post about just HOW many words and phrases being used by all the experts on TV, could be the ‘keywords’ for the astrology we are under.

Anxiety vs. optimism, fear, intense contrast, change, spiritual race, to name a few. When you have people on MSNBC talking spirituality, you know somethings up. I feel safe enough to predict that astrology is going to become a part of the mainstream of consciousness pretty soon. The change we so badly seek seems to be coming seeping through our consciousness, but only right now it may feel like a tidal wave.

Emotionally, we are stretched but instead of enforcing the fear by trying to build a dam is hardly the solution. At best this is an opportunity for divine chaos to take a real constructive form, where we are willing to go with the flow. Saturn in this case needs to be used as ‘ship’ that sails ‘stormy seas’ of Uranus rather than trying to bottle something up.

[Back after a few hours] It is now 11:02 PM, I stopped writing the blog earlier and went on to do some research thinking I’d come back to it. I’ve been sitting in my living room writing with the TV on in the background. Suddenly I heard cheers I looked up and it seems they’ve called the election. So I rushed to check the chart, interestingly the Ascendant at this time is 12+ Leo exactly conjunct Obama’s natal Sun — suggestive of someone whose time has come.

I am not done with the blog and will be back again in a bit with aspects for tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to say – YES. Of course with Uranus, we need to be aware of a reversal of any sort, so we need to watch carefully what happens when Uranus stations direct later this month, the day Pluto changes direction on Nov. 27, 2008 — theres more to come.

But I also know that the larger trend is towards positive change, so I will only be optimistic about the picture. No matter what twists and turns this thing takes, we can trust whats unfolding is the power of faith.

And just as I was about to end this blog, Kieth Olberman on MSNBC just said it perfectly — this is equivalent of the moment when man landed on the moon, it is the product of a ‘perfect storm.’ And that in a nutshell is the Saturn Uranus opposition.

More soon.

— Priya

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