The Moon continues through Capricorn today making a series of aspects to Uranus, the Sun, Mars, Neptune, and finally Jupiter at 7:52 PM ET and goes VOC. The Moon enters Aquarius at 10:05 PM ET and immediately conjuncts Pluto at 10:39 PM ET. It’s a busy day. We’re doing heavy -lifting, and processing a lot — emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and physically. Move slowly, methodically, cut out responsibilities you’ve outgrown, work smarter, not harder, and you could scale a small metaphorical mountain to make tangible progress towards your goals. As the Moon enters Aquarius and meets Pluto, we’re taking stock and there’s a powerful transformation underway. Pressure makes diamonds, and what’s glass will shatter. Release dead weight, lighten your load, remain detached, and be patient as the dust settles. Soon we will know what’s what.

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