Expect the unexpected! The Sun meets revolutionary Uranus today bringing surprises and unexpected, groundbreaking developments. The aspect is shifting stubbornly stuck energy, liberating us from patterns we’ve been stuck in. If we’ve been clinging to a false reality, there could be reality checks. Still, with the Moon making harmonious aspects to Saturn, and Mercury and moving to connect with the Sun and Uranus tomorrow, these are serendipitous breakthroughs — like stumbling into a goldmine. The energy is creative, lucrative, sensual, and holds rich, tangible potential. But it takes a special eye to recognize the true value of something or someone. Relationships and situations are pushing boundaries, and drawing us out of our comfort zone. Remain detached, and grounded in your values, be patient, and move slowly and steadily. What’s real will remain even after the dust settles. And if we don’t seek to possess the whole world can be ours.

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