We’re moving through a dense patch of astrology. Slowly but surely life is shifting and changing shape. Venus the planet of love, creativity beauty, money, and relationships trines harmoniously with Saturn, the planet of structure. Relationships, finances, creativity, and all Venusian matters are stabilizing. This is extremely fertile, creative energy, offering a chance to release the past as we shape our life, dreams, and future consciously.

With the Moon in Pisces and we’re feeling all the feelings this weekend. The energy is dreamy, fertile, sensual, nostalgic, creative, healing, and romantic at best. If there are heavier emotions arising – any insecurity, sadness, grief — release them consciously and find comfort in your present reality, and the people and things you value and love. Everything changes. Which makes each moment a gift. Your life is a gift, and you are loved.

Stay in the present. Tomorrow Mercury stations direct in Taurus, and there are powerful insights coming through. Reflect on what brings your life meaning; dig deep for your values and inner truth.

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