Today retrograde Mercury sextiles Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Cancer— bringing insights, information, or conversations. Connections are deepening and we’re reaching a deeper understanding of the past, and the support, resources, and love here in the present. This is Mercury’s storm phase — a time when information tends to surface. Consciously stay in the present. Move past perceptions, trust your intuition, and listen to your inner voice. We’re seeing through an illusion or way past something that has previously felt like an obstacle. There’s a lot of water under the bridge, but there is a bridge. Learn your lessons but release the past. Learn your lessons, but release the perceptions that keep you stuck in the past.

We’re at the Final Quarter phase, halfway between the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse and the Taurus New Moon. Today the Aquarius Moon squares Uranus and the Sun and connects with Jupiter. This is a dramatic turning point — liberating us from stuck patterns and energy. A lot has shifted and surfaced in the past week, and plenty is up in the air. Make time to check in with yourself, regroup, and have faith as you turn a corner.

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