Your career is in the spotlight in May. As you enter the month, reflect on what success means to you, and take time to redefine your goals in accordance with all you’ve learned this past year. As the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse aligns, a domestic situation comes to light. This is an opportunity to consciously release the past, childhood insecurities, subconscious self-destructive patterns, and emotional baggage. Then you can rise to the occasion and truly be liberated to manifest your full potential. Mid-month Mercury stations direct, Jupiter ingresses Taurus, followed by the Taurus New Moon, bringing huge opportunities to move your career to the next level. You’ve been on a journey exploring long-term goals, and the wheel of fortune is turning. You’re coming into your own, planting seeds that will grow over the coming year. Be humble then you can truly achieve greatness, and the kind of success that truly makes you proud. And this is not just about success, this is your legacy and gift to the world. As Mars enters Leo on July 20, you’re making connections, networking, and chasing your dreams. Expect to feel more energized and driven over the coming two months, with opportunities to manifest a vision. But what is driving you? What do you want? Be motivated by passion rather than fear or self-doubt, and let go of the need for validation. You can’t please everyone all the time. Be true to yourself. And no matter what seems urgent, this is not a race or competition. Avoid comparisons. Move at your pace. In the long run, slow and steady always wins.

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