You’ve been re-evaluating your identity, reaching a deeper understanding of your worth and values, and power in this world. Slowly but surely, as the planets gather in Taurus, you’re coming home to yourself. As the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse aligns, you’re seeing your relationships in a new light. You’re ending a cycle that began in November 2021, bringing a powerful release, transformation, and resurrection. Avoid clinging and allow space for changes. This is a chance to let go of your beliefs, ideas, subconscious fears, and mistrust that prevent you from seeing the truth about your relationships. Especially one close connection, where communication has been a hot spot, is deepening and sweetening in a surprising way. It’s been a long year of facing your deepest fears, blindspots, and life’s bigger unknowns. Trust – whatever you’ve dreamed for yourself, the Universe has dreamed bigger, and better, and you won’t have to wait too long for real proof. As Mercury stations direct, Jupiter enters Taurus, followed by the Taurus New Moon there are huge developments and revelations coming through. You’re in a personal new cycle, entering a year of exponential growth, (watch your diet!) pregnant (literally or metaphorically) with possibility. The world is finally starting to see your genius and gifts. Be humble, then you can truly achieve greatness. As Mars enters Leo, things are heating up at home. You may be moving in with a partner, entertaining guests, or perhaps it’s time for a housewarming or all of the above. A relationship is deepening, but confront your past and childhood honestly, then it needn’t cast a shadow on all that is bright golden, and blossoming. Luck is on your side and opportunity is knocking this year. Have more faith in yourself, as you welcome it in.

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