You’ve been nesting; focused on matters of home, family, and your emotional and financial security. As May begins you’re in the process of re-evaluating your finances, closest commitments, and your values. As the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse aligns, consciously let go of power struggles, and childhood insecurities, as you dig deeper for your values and self-esteem. Hopefully, you’re starting to see (or soon will) that you have more than enough of what you need. As Jupiter ingresses Taurus, and the Taurus New Moon aligns, you’re entering a year of material and emotional growth, deepening your self-esteem. Invest in yourself, your well-being, and your future, and you could build a generous nest egg. As Mars enters Leo on May 20, life is drawing you out of your comfort zone to take a risk. As long as you remain true to your values, you needn’t worry about making a wrong choice. You are in a safe position financially, and have the support of family, loved ones, and a significant other. Have more faith in yourself and be honest about what matters most to you. It will take courage and confidence to dare to follow your passion. You may even raise a few eyebrows — that’s nothing new, but what’s new is you. You are not who you used to be — and you have every reason to be proud of who you are today and are becoming. Let go of expectations of others, focus on your happiness, and stay in the present. Your ability to be authentic and live your life on your terms is an inspiration and can spark a wave of much-needed change.

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