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MAY 2009 Monthly Horoscopes




It’s been a few months of letting go and re-learning to free-flow with the energy that moves you rather than you moving it. his has forced you to rediscover the deeper yearnings of your soul, the things that heal you which are easily lost in the busy-ness that is your life. Now you’re back in action in the drivers seat of your life, I would suggest you keep this experience close in your heart. Factor in time for the things that bring you pleasure as you begin a new routine. But this is more than just another routine, your astrology suggests this is about getting into a groove that you can work with and brings you pleasure. Take your time in figuring our what you want, but when in doubt trust your heart and instincts. Being stubborn will not get you far but use gentle persuasion or being honest for your need for more time to make a commitment. Remember this is about what and who you love and want to be a part of your daily life. It should not feel like work, more like an act of love, faith and devotion.

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It’s funny how what or who you love can be your greatest strength and greatest weakness all at once. But that again is the duality not of life but the mind, the source of most misery and pain. In reality although your endless devotion may have at times been a painful cross to bear, hopefully you’ve been working on an inner healing. No one can question your integrity or commitment even to the most simple thing you give your heart to. So take your time now to figure out what and who you want to give your heart to and what ignites your soul passion. Professionally and personally you stand in one of those once in a life-time moments of becoming, who you were born to be. You are likely to look back on this time in your life as one where everything changed. If that scares you in anyway, don’t let it. If anything this is giving you the freedom you’ve longed and yearned for — to choose what you want and have it come to life.

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You are in one of your rarer introspective moods and the recent past may have shown you that despite your concerns a situation surrounding your sense of security is more stable than you feared. Now comes the element of trust which has to come from you. But trust is never something that can be “decided” by the mind rather it is a question of faith, that comes from an inner core knowing. It is through honesty and consistency only that we can build trust, so when in doubt be willing now to voice them. Your moment of truth is coming, so use this time in your inner terrain to survey the abundance inherently available to you. The ground beneath your feet is rising to give way to your highest aspirations. Be rooted in you core values so when it comes time to soar you won’t lose your way and can always find your way home.

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A partnership or a long-term issue you’ve been analyzing in your head moves forward this month but I suggest you be patient this month as you work out the details. A relationship is solid and has more to offer you in terms of financial resources and perhaps even a deeper intimate commitment that truly frees you to be yourself. So if you were granted all of that, the question perhaps is: If freedom were a reality — which it is fast becoming for you, where would you land? A friend or connection you share may hold the key in helping ground this energy and resolve any doubts for not being accepted for who you are. It may feel like you are taking a huge leap of faith, but trust when I say what you hope for can be a tangible reality in the near future, simply by your giving it the serious consideration that it deserves.

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You’ve been preoccupied with your reputation and career and hopefully you’ve been able to swing in the favor of your higher passion, even when the drab of a routine has threatened to keep you from it. In spite of all the action around work how you feel about a deeply personal relationship holds more insight into your being able to find your own lasting strength than you realize. Whether this is a relationship that grows in the light of your awareness or you in the light of it, there is a mutual . Recognize your deep devotion and integrity is your greatest gift as you get ready to make a commitment. Also remember, commitment always comes from inside out when we feel “free” to choose our involvement with someone or something. If you can let down your emotional walls just enough, you can find the space, stability and freedom you’ve been looking for as you find your place in the world doing what comes most naturally to you.

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You may be physically traveling at this time or in the midst of negotiations with the higher ups which is taking more patience than you feel you have. Your highest ambitions are coming into focus and I suggest you keep firmly rooted in your sense of perspective. When it comes to the working out the intricacies of your financial and intimate involvements, focus on your very real aspirations which are not only possible but only a matter of time. You’ve been through a period of inner restructuring that no matter how difficult has only made you stronger for it. Have faith in your own integrity and go slow as you work out the reality of a situation based on fact not perception. Also recognize your need for healing and to feel emotionally connected each day with a greater world. Most importantly you have your strength back and you well know there’s no stopping you once you put your mind towards making it a reality.

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You are in the process of a deep negotiation within a relationship which may have profoundly intimate or financial implications. Seek a balance between your need for a solid commitment while keeping an awareness of your need for a deeper emotional freedom. This can only come from an inner resolution rather than from someone outside yourself. this month you move forward after months of hiding deeper insecurities you’ve been battling, but you’ve done the hard-work of healing your soul. It may seem like another person has more power in the way things unfold, but leave space for the facts that yet have to surface. Your patience in this situation is likely to be more richly rewarded than you can imagine tangibly financially, as well as the real, sensual, intimacy you crave.

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You’re out of the fire, no matter what you think. In fact if anything the recent months have taught you just how much your darker thoughts of failure perhaps have cast an unnecessary shadow. I suggest you focus on your existence and go through this month of a natural rediscovering life’s simple pleasures. Any work you do needs to come from your natural love for life. Keep an open dialogue within all your relationships, especially one that has a deep message for your destiny. Be patient as you work out the details of a commitment while being aware of your emotional needs for a sense of belonging, non-judgment and acceptance. When in doubt ask who or what feeds your daily passion, offering you a space you feel happy to call home out of freedom rather than commitment. Where pleasure becomes a daily reality, rather than a far off fantasy. Remember love is an action. If you can let that spill out into all you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Life after all was meant to be lived.

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A creative or romantic partnership has forced you to resolve your own power within a situation. You’ve had to take a risk and follow your heart, without giving in to the need to control something. If anything this has been a lesson in giving up past limitations of financial and emotional values, that threaten to limit the true worth of your heart, creativity and passion and love for life itself. As you go through this month, partners and the people you interact with at work or as a part of your daily life may test your patience but trust it will be well worth the exercise. Hold your vision even as you keep grounded in the reality of your daily existence and allow things to unfold naturally. If anything you’ve learned to work so well under pressure that when your career finally starts to move forward this month, you may wonder why you ever doubted greatest strength — your integrity.

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For you the first half of the year has been spent keeping a greater perspective on your long term goals and aspirations, while the world spinned madly on. Sometime this month you are ready to move forward but may be in deep contemplation about a risk creative or romantic risk you’ve recently taken. Now you have your strength back, so it’s alright to want to take a little more time. Your patience with yourself and your heart and what it wants is likely to pay off in delicious ways fairly soon. What will matter then is that you took the time to get it right. Trust the organic pace of life and keep an open dialogue as you allow things to unfold naturally. And remember, even your most daring risks are based on solid instincts that tend to land you right in the lap of abundance. This time will be no different; if you can let go of the attachment to your deepest desires manifesting in a particular shape or form, you will see in reality the Universe is presenting it all to you a little better than you could have imagined for yourself.

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A hugely personal situation moves forward this month, liberating you to gain a deeper awareness of your personal emotional needs for greater security and stability, that you may have tended to deny yourself in the past. Don’t be afraid to be honest; you stand on solid ground and a partner is as committed to giving you the security you need. This may take a bit of a leap of faith, but your imagination right now is on fire, so don’t be afraid to put some of your bolder ideas out there. Be patient as you sort through these treasures. If it is a matter of that which you deeply cherish, would you want to be any less than sure? The more you can be honest with yourself the easier it will be speak your truth when the moment arrives, bringing you the tangible and emotional comfort you have long desired.

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I suggest you be patient within your negotiations with partners this month and keep an open dialogue.  Stay grounded in reality and be willing to voice your doubts. More than likely your intuitive awareness is spot on and if you can be sensitive but honest within a difficult conversation it could prove to be the turning point within a long-standing partnership situation. What is important now that you establish a level of trust, which can only come when both people know there is a safe space where they can voice there thoughts and feelings without a fear of judgment. This is something that ignites your passion, so it can be natural to want to rush this situation. But by allowing a process to unfold naturally, you are uncovering hidden gems of information that will ultimately prove worth their weight in gold.

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