Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

It’s been quite a week — starting with a New Moon and a Mar-Pluto and Mercury-Neptune square, which on the world’s stage has manifested as the flu pandemic. I first heard about the flu through an email from my friend and colleague Kathryn Cassidy. She asked me what I made of it. At the time it was an emerging story, my response was what it generally is when we have a health scare — I don’t buy it.

Of course, to say that today would be a gross denial of reality. But that’s just it, this is a time when it’s better to stick close to facts and be in awareness of them, without feeling the need to respond out of fear. And all the more reason to appreciate and be grateful for your life today. As Venus squares Pluto this week we are likely to economic fear rise in waves, again this is about finding inner joy and not giving rules and threatened consequences.

Life after all was meant to be lived and most of our fear comes from what tomorrow will bring. I say this there are many with a lot more economic responsibilities and families to support. But fear does nothing to help one in making the right choices. In fact it is fear that will paralyze you into non-action rather than confronting that which you fear.

Yesterday was Beltane, the pagan festival that celebrates, sex, life and the earth — source of all abundance and fertility. With Venus squaring Pluto tomorrow passion rages high. Venus (ruler of Taurus) is in Aries suggesting the love, creativity and financial abundance we wish to attract can only be found by recognizing the source of comes from ones self.

As she squares Pluto we could be standing on gold mine, if we are willing to question our own inner voices of authority telling us something cannot be done or is against the rules. Love is not selfish, it seeks to give minus reward. It is generally when we start withholding love that pain arises, for being unable to unburden it. With a Venus-Pluto square there could be a surge of jealous, possessive tendencies; avoid projecting feelings of victimization that need to be resolved internally to find ones own personal power.

There will never be a perfect time for love. If the world and humanity truly was at stake, I doubt anyone would be concerned about anything other than the people they love. If you knew you only had a limited time here on this planet, what would you do?

Which is a fact of life we often choose to ignore or forget. And only when we embrace the reality of death can we start to appreciate the gift of life, love and this gift of now.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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