Mercury conjunct Great Attractor and Ixion, Pluto trine Vesta

An Open Letter


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Dear Friends and Readers,

As I write this Mercury is currently conjunct the Great Attractor and Ixion in Sagittarius. The Great Attractor is a massive black hole, that astrologically has the tendency to polarize situations .

I happened to turn on the TV today and there was a special with Britney Spears setting the record straight. She has her Sun conjunct this point in Sagittarius and is just getting out a Pluto in Sagittarius transit. It was amazing to hear her describe astrological keywords to a tee. At the end of the interview she said (and I’m paraphrasing from memory) “It’s like theres a side of it [my life] that is so cruel, but then the other extreme is like heaven; and I know there can’t be one without the other.”

I have my 1st house Neptune conjunct the Great Attractor and I end up dealing with a lot of projection. I could walk into a room not know anyone, not say a word have half the room love me and half the room hate me. Its interesting, once you get the hang of it is all I can say.

It is likely now that we are able to see the whole truth of a situation and reach a greater understanding if we are willing to accept what is. It may even mean a sharp insight into the future of what might be. But the presence of Ixion suggests we may need to get over the sense that we are damaged. We need to remember this is only a sense, which is the mind playing tricks on us. We are absolutely capable of making choices based on truth and being honest enough to confront our own truth.

We may be feeling all to aware of the flaws within a situation. Or a piece of information thats almost too shocking to begin to comprehend. If we are able to find a way to accept what is, good and bad, and recognize that these are both labels of the mind. Be honest about your needs for greater expression and freedom and be willing to think around the bend. An intuitive flash of inspiration may just be the solution we are looking for.

Also today Pluto now in Capricorn trine Vesta in Taurus releasing earthy passion. Creatively and sexually there could be a rich release of energy that is profoundly healing. It is time to access that eternal abundant part of our being that yearns to be brought to life.

== Priya Kale, NYC


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