Mercury sextile Chiron, Saturn square Psyche

An Open Letter


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Its around midnight here in NYC on Dec. 3, 2008; the Moon is just past her conjunction to the North Node and will make conjunctions to Chiron and Neptune through the day. This conjunction has largely responsible for the collective awakening we are seeing emerge in the world. About a year ago, when I was still writing the blog for Planet Waves, I had a dream about a chart.

It was for the 26th of January, which is the eclipse in Aquarius. At the time all I could think of was Republic Day in India and that the eclipse made powerful connections with India’s chart; something I brought up with my father a week before the attacks happened. Of course it makes a lot more sense now, and I do believe that the change will be for the better. But I am going to be watching that date closely and we may see a hint of whats to come under this Moon.

For us personally as well, each time the Moon passes over the North Node we get a glimpse into our destiny; reach for that which resonates with a soul truth.

As Mercury sextiles Chiron and the Moon, there is a real possibility for a healing conversation to take place. If you know there is something you need to apologize for, forgive someone, today can bring much healing. Moon and Chiron in Aquarius are creating waves of awakening emotional awareness and Mercury in Sagittarius is a time to gain perspective and look at the bigger picture. In Aquarius there may be a tendency to be a bit emotionally detached, but instead we can use the energy to allow each person to speak their truth while still being connected to a greater common truth.

Also around this time, Saturn in Virgo squares Psyche in Sagittarius. Watch for the tendency to be critical where you need to be letting go of wounds. Psyche is an asteroid that gives the sense of a wound that won’t heal. It is a deeply subconscious wound as the very name suggests. It may feel like there’s a “hole” in a part of our soul, or a feeling of being empty. This is true of course, only themind telling us it is.

The aspect may be a time to look at where we are being to critical of ourselves. How are we delaying our own healing process? How do we balance our need to control and analyze a situation rather than going on a spiritual instinct. Other aspects suggest communication is key, and it is crucially important we don’t beat ourselves down.

It seems there is a feeling that we will never be “free” of something, a worry. But again this is the very thought process that needs to be overcome. There may also be a struggle between feeling like one is giving too much; but perhaps what we are looking for is a balance between freedom and commitment. Avoid projection; if we can go inward, we may realize this doesn’t need to be a struggle anymore.

Remember “the goose is out.”

— Priya Kale, NYC


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