Sun and Mars oppose Pallas, Mercury squares Uranus

Things are heating up in the sky as Mars and the Sun approach their conjunction tomorrow. Today they both oppose Pallas in Gemini leading up to a powerful square between Mercury and Uranus late tonight (1:00 AM EST in New York on Dec. 5, 2008.) Pallas is an asteroid named after Pallas Athena who was born from born from the head of Zeus (Jupiter.) Astrologically she represents political and defensive strategies, wisdom and the ability to cut through the mind like a sword.

In Sagittarius the Sun-Mars conjunction is hot on the heels of truth, the whole truth and nothing but. In opposition to a retrograde Pallas in Gemini there is a danger of a lot of duality and defensiveness; suggesting the need for internal reflection.

There may be a tendency to perhaps flip back and forth on ones position, being unable to come to a conclusion about something. Be willing to speak up for the truth, but first confront any of your own dual standards and most importantly — listen. The Sun in Sagittarius is a sign that we need to be philosophical and in touch with a spiritual truth.

At 1:23 PM the Moon enters Pisces, followed by the late night Mercury-Uranus square; which could spell for a few surprise conversations, confessions or a turnaround in a situation which has so far been deemed hopeless. The lesson here seems to be, it is up to us to want to see the positive in something. If we think negatively, its what we tend to end up with. If freedom is what you seek, it may be more of an internal, mental adjustment than an external one.

Mercury in Sagittarius suggests there is much to hope for and the turning point may come with a sudden inner realization, a creative or soul inspiration, that allows you to understand something in a whole new light. Uranus is breaking the boundaries of our mind, helping us dissolve into deeper level of cosmic consciousness.

With the Moon in Pisces and the current sky, if we can be honest, yet compassionate, find a way to rise above the ego be not so quick to judge; there is a huge opportunity today breakthrough perception and merge into a deeper understanding of a core truth.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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