Mercury enters Libra, Venus in Virgo squares Pluto in Sagittarius

“Love is so short, forgetting so long” — Pablo Neruda

Mercury enters Libra late tonight in NYC, overnight and tomorrow in UK and Australia followed hours later by Venus’ square to Pluto. Yesterday’s Mercury-Pluto square was hopefully brought a profound inner understanding of a core truth, helping us see beyond our cognizant mind into the deeper recesses of the psyche.

But the air hangs heavy with sexual tension and emotional dramas are reaching their turning point. Venus’ square to Pluto is bringing intimate relationships and financial situations into focus right now.

Squares force resolution albeit a bit painfully at times, with a feeling of ricocheting back and forth between two walls. But ultimately this is a lesson in balance; it’s like a see-saw, for one person not to come crashing down: both need to get off together, slowly. In relationships, this is a classic power struggle and suggesting an imminent release of sexual tension.

Pluto will bring up issues of control and obsessiveness and Venus in Virgo worries too much. Avoid being too analytical or self-critical but instead focus on the healing aspects of Virgo and balance it with the pristine primal energy of Pluto Sagittarius’ showing us a divine vision of inspiration.

There is a profound struggle with issues surrounding deep desire, attraction, intimacy, jealousy, trust, feelings of manipulation or a fear of it. It may feel like a trial by fire, asking for a great surrender of faith. But trust that this can be a truly alchemical process of purification of the heart, helping us to release demons of the past.

Pluto is about to station direct in Sagittarius for the final time propelling us into a new era. If we can let go of the false beliefs that only serve to stand between us and a higher vision of what we desire, we can get closer to finding the kind of divine intimacy and financial succes we yearn for.

Mercury’s aspect to Pluto may have helped us mentally release deep doubts and now in Libra this is helping communication in relationships. Although Mercury is also fairly close to Mars in Libra so watch that what you feel so passionately about doesn’t end up into a screaming match. Libra seeks balance and harmony and we can agree to disagree, as long as it is done with a degree of mutual respect.

With the Moon in Leo adding to the dramatic energy get ready for the fireworks. Just remember, it all comes down to nothing except love in the end.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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== Aspects courtesy

Thursday 28 August 2008

00:47:40 UT – Pholus (6 sa 8’22”) trine Bienor (6 ar 8’22” Rx)
01:37:03 UT – Mercury (28 vi 32’3″) square Pluto (28 sa 32’3″ Rx)
03:34:11 UT – Venus (26 vi 58’41”) square Galactic Center (26 sa 58’41”)
08:17:44 UT – Mercury (28 vi 55’31”) square Cyllarus (28 ge 55’31”)
15:31:23 UT – Saturn (11 vi 6’29”) conjunct Eros (11 vi 6’29”)
17:43:00 UT – Eros (11 vi 11’22”) square Chaos (11 ge 11’22”)
23:02:10 UT – Mars (6 li 6’15”) opposite Bienor (6 ar 6’15” Rx)
23:22:24 UT – Hylonome (2 sa 18’23”) square Teharonhiawako (2 pi 18’23” Rx)

Friday 29 August 2008

00:38:36 UT – Mars (6 li 8’50”) sextile Pholus (6 sa 8’50”)
00:38:58 UT – Pallas (8 ge 48’9″) square Borasisi (8 pi 48’9″ Rx)
02:49:48 UT – Mercury enters Libra (direct)
02:55:07 UT – Sun (6 vi 8’53”) square Pholus (6 sa 8’53”)
04:54:12 UT – Mercury (0 li 7’10”) opposite Pelion (0 ar 7’10” Rx)
06:36:49 UT – Okyrhoe (16 vi 56’13”) square Quaoar (16 sa 56’13” Rx)
07:39:44 UT – Saturn (11 vi 11’34”) square Chaos (11 ge 11’34”)
09:51:19 UT – Venus (28 vi 31’35”) square Pluto (28 sa 31’35” Rx)
18:20:04 UT – Venus (28 vi 57’35”) square Cyllarus (28 ge 57’35”)

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