Mercury in Virgo square Pluto in Sagittarius

Mercury squares Pluto today at 8:37 PM in NYC; overnight in the UK at 1:37 AM, 6:07 AM in India and 11:37 AM in Australia. Mercury and Pluto are both in the last few degrees of the Virgo and Sagittarius respectively.

Mercury, the planet of the mind is in one of its home signs methodical, analytical Virgo. Pluto is a planet that represents our deepest, darkest (because they happen in the un”seen”) psychological processes. With these planets in a square aspect we have an opportunity to bridge the chasm between the conscious and subconscious.

With Pluto due to station direct in a little over a week, the sky is thundering with energy like a revved up car. Surrender to a deeper intuitive process of transformation. This is Pluto’s last pass through Sagittarius, its current backward motion suggests a final confrontation with a belief system that has no place in the present. We are reaching profound understandings now that have the potential to free us of the darker aspects of our past once and for all

This could be a rather definitive aspect – squares signal a time for internal resolution and understanding. We need to be careful not to project unprocessed thoughts onto a situation. Lightning flashes of insight, intuition and dreams are as real as a simple note saying the words you need to hear. Ultimately it is all an illusion and anything that gets the message across to the soul is all that really counts.

On a personal note, my intuition has been off the wall lately to the extent that its almost scary, but I’m chalking it up to the aspects in the sky. Of the many recent incidences, a couple of weeks ago I thought of Paul who I hadn’t seen or talked to in five years and now like magic here he is — living with me. My friends half-jokingly call my place Hotel Kale and my latest house guest, is an old dear friend and unbelievably talented bass player who tours with Broadway shows all over the world — the true ‘musicman.’

Piscean Paul, with his Aquarian Venus conjunct my IC has been an absolute delight — his house warming gift to me was the bass line of The Chain. As Chelsea (from PlanetWaves) once said to me “We love the fishes coz they’re so delicious.” As life would have it, we seem to be living parallel lives at the moment and there is no doubt in my mind of the higher forces at work helping us reconnect at this particular juncture in life. If anything it just reaffirms my faith in the subtle ways of the cosmos to draw into our lives ‘what’ and ‘who’ we most need to help us evolve into our truest self.

Although we may want to have all the earthly answers to a particular problem, we are now almost unavoidably coming in contact with an inner vision so profound that it has the ability to rearrange our mind. Allow deeper wisdom to rise to the surface. An important conversation or idea may entirely change the landscape of a particular arrangement.

If we can be aware of the forces beyond our control we can let of our need for control, thus eliminating mental frustration. Statistically, lawyers are supposed to be the most unhappy individuals because their minds are taught to think critically. A solution maybe ready to present itself if we are willing to listen. This is one message you don’t want to miss.

== Priya Kale, NYC

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