Moon in Cancer, Eros in Virgo opposes Borasisi in Pisces, Ixion stations direct in Sagittarius

It’s been an intense few days with revelations pouring down. Relationships seem to be going through the ringer right now — with Mercury and Venus approaching their square to Pluto we are reaching a major turning point. Something has got to change and it will.

As a Taurean, change is the one thing that is the hardest for me to deal with. On the one hand astrology helps me see the inherent cyclical nature of the cosmos. But on a much deeper level, it is about learning that the only moment I can influence is this one. And although change is the only constant, if I can still myself enough to be in the now, I can live “this” moment for eternity and nothing can change my world.

With the kind of astrology we’re living under these days, its been a constant exercise of living this state of awarenes and I know people are feeling stretched. But sometimes transformation happens in spurts and eclipses are such little bursts of energy that bring that much needed change. We are changing and naturally this calls for a change in dynamics within relationships to accommodate for the huge personal changes.

Today Eros in Virgo opposes Borasisi in Pisces today. Eros is the asteroid that represents what turns us on and our passion for life. Eros in Virgo may be suggesting there is something we yearn and desire right now, in spite of its annoying flaws and glaring imperfections. This can be rather frustrating and maybe a tendency for us to now want to analyze our attraction to someone or something. Erotic dreams could be another way this energy manifests itself.

Borasisi according to Philip Sedgwick has the ceremonial influence of “Enacting affirmations, declarations, setting one’s rules of soulful communication and cosmic law.” Its presence in Pisces on a personal level is about learning that only when we recognize the oneness of it all can we act in accordance to the highest truth.

Let go of any need to try and figure out a situation today, know that in accepting desire we are staying to true to a higher law, that can heal both heart and soul. Understand that this feeling of desire is ultimately a feeling that lets you know you are alive. And the “object of affection” only represents the catalyst that ultimately awakens us to this vibration.

Also today Ixion resumes direct motion in Sagittarius. Its retrograde phase through this sign has been a time of internally understanding, the intense capacity for the forces of light and dark that dwell within each of us. Essentially we are all capable of anything in equal measure and it is in awareness of this truth that we can learn the lesson of acceptance and empathy.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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