Moon enters Cancer

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Welcome back everyone,

We are likely still feeling the aftershocks of this weekends opposition between Venus and Uranus, that may have caused unpredictable truths to twist their way to the surface. But the more we are able to push our boundaries of understanding, the easier it will be to accept this flow of almost bizarre energy that washed over the past few days.

Hopefully the Taurus Moon helped ground this energy and we were able to express ourselves in the light of revelation under the Gemini Moon. This week Mercury and Venus both will ingress Libra after squaring Pluto, before the New Moon in Virgo. We can expect the intensity to rise, with a few emotional and financial situations reaching their turning point.

We are also now past the Last Quarter of the Moon and as the Moon enters Cancer we can expect to want to feel comforted over the next few days. Everybody needs a break and some chicken soup sometimes, even if its midweek. As the Moon now disappears in the sky, use this time to release any negativity you may have been carrying around.

If anything recent eclipses and aspects have taught us what and who is truly important to us. Over the next few days it would be wise if we used the lunar energy to intuit rather than feel. Feelings although very real can at times be based in the minds fears and distortions. Go deeper now to access that inner pool of wisdom

— Priya Kale, NY


Also recently, there has been a new minor planet discovered that has been named Altjira after the Australian aboriginal God of Dreamtime. This planet is currently at 2+ Gemini forming a close trine to Mars in Libra and to me this suggests, perhaps we need to be extra vigilant of some of the dreams coming through our consciousness right now. I’ve been pondering deeply about this “new” discovery and hopefully will have a few ideas for you soon.

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