Mercury enters shadow phase; Moon ingresses Libra; Sun trine Mars; Pallas enters Scorpio

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Hello from a rainy NYC,

As I write this on Wednesday evening, the Moon is minutes away from entering Libra. Shortly after its ingress it will square Pluto in Capricorn and square Saturn. This is likely to mark an inner emotional turning point.

It may mean recognizing the things within ourselves that need to change if we want peace — within ourselves and relationships. Financially as well as emotionally it can feel a bit overwhelming like having to push through a wall. But ultimately we can only be strengthened by rising to meet these challenges.

We are likely to be emotionally processing the information that came through with Mercury’s recent aspects to Pluto and Saturn over the past couple of days. This brought us to a turning point. Asking us to let go of past perceptions and take a closer look at our commitments.

Today Mercury moves into ‘shadow phase. Pay attention to the negotiations you are having. There may be a feeling of information being stuck or unexpected discoveries. There is more that has to be resolved. Be patient as you rewrite rules and set up new boundaries and rules over the coming weeks.

Late Thursday in the US, overnight and early Friday in UK and Australia respectively the Sun in Sagittarius trines Mars in Leo. This could have us experiencing a burst of spontaneity, passion, creativity and perhaps even sudden options for travel.

Friday Pallas enters Scorpio, deepening negotiations surrounding finances and sexuality within relationships. Avoid getting defensive at this time instead operate from your most evolved values, intelligence and intuition to communicate.

Personally, I’ve had quite the tricky Mercury shadowy day — I lost my bank card this morning and have no access to funds until Friday. Of course it’s been hour long waiting with trying to cancel my card and the bank. This is the sort of stuff that ends up happening around shadow periods. The last retrograde period I was in Canada when my computer (knock on wood) power cord went bust.

I spent on the phone trying to replace my power cord. All the while reminding myself it was Mercury shadow and I should wait. I ended up spending money I didn’t have for something that worked out eventually anyway. So this time I’m just going to be patient. Here’s hoping you had a easier day navigating the energy.

I’ll be back again in a couple of days with more astrology. Until then take care…




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