Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn; Jupiter conjuncts Chiron in Aquarius

It’s Sunday afternoon here in NYC and the Moon is now in Leo close to making a conjunction to Mars as they both oppose the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius.

Things may seem just a bit dramatic right now. Emotionally check for pride, fears of rejection, woundedness or ego based responses standing in the way of reaching for something.

Early Monday morning at 9:12 AM UT, Mercury conjuncts Pluto followed by a square to Saturn on Tuesday Dec. 8, 2009. Also on Monday, Jupiter conjuncts Chiron in Aquarius. If we are willing to let go of the past and old perceptions there can be great healing now.

Mercury enters shadow on Tuesday. Now in conjunction to Pluto expect important conversations where we get to reset boundaries and rules. There may be important commitments we are making. Just do so based on your inner most integrity, highest ideals and wisdom, not your fears of judgment or how things “should” be. Attachment to old ideas and rules will need to be deconstructed so something new can be rebuilt. This means business.

As Mercury enters shadow and turns retrograde over the coming weeks, be patient with negotiations. We are laying down the new law and it will take a while to readjust to the new boundaries, as we revise the rules. But we can make a commitment now to something that holds deep value and is worth working towards. Strive for integrity rather than any idea of perfection, or invisible standard you think you need to uphold.

The Jupiter-Chiron conjunction should be palpable feeling of one’s awareness growing in leaps and bounds. It brings a promise of healing but first there will have to be total acceptance of any sense of woundedness, fears of isolation or rejection.

Also, to keep up with my schedule — in place of this week’s horoscopes, I have posted the entire overview for the month of December; with aspect interpretations by day taking you to the end of the year. This part of available as a part of your Subscription to the site. Or can be downloaded as a one time purchase at this link.

I’ll be back in a day or so with more astrology for the blog. In the meanwhile I’ll be chained to my desk, writing the 2010 Annual Horoscopes and doing Consultations, but you can reach me at anytime by email at

I know it’s intense up there, out there and in here… but ultimately we are all evolving and connected and that is all the Universe cares about.




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