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Also as a Special Twin Offer this Gemini Full Moon :
If you book TWO (or more) Consultations by Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009 you can get 20% off on your next Session purchase.

Or get 5% off the Premium Astrology Service, if you book by Sunday Dec. 6, 2009.

These sessions can be used at anytime over a period of a year — personally or as a Gift for a loved ones over the Holidays!


Dear Friends,

December has rolled in on a Full Moon and we end this month (and year) with another Full Moon, a Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. Expect this to be a month of revelations.

There is likely to a be a peak crystallization of energy as the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron exacts in Aquarius. This aspect was in peak effect earlier this year at end of May and in June. There was a wave of optimism that came through but seemed to dissipate. But now as these planets meet again, we can expect huge a release allowing us to breathe and feel hope again.

Also Uranus has stationed direct in Pisces and joining the rest of the outer planets in direct motion. All this activity suggests things are moving forward pretty quickly.

But with Mercury now slowing down, [as it enters it’s echo phase on Dec. 9, 2009 before turning retrograde the day after Christmas, Dec. 26, 2009] there will be a need for conscious readjustment of rules to understand and participate in the changing landscape.

For now as we come down from the energy of this Full Moon, there may have been a lot of indecision to deal with. In Gemini, we may have been having important conversations but in truth — this is about reaching an understanding that is beyond words. That is the Sun in Sagittarius, reminding us of the higher consciousness and wisdom within.

Tomorrow, Venus in Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Libra. This can go a long way in stabilizing relationships. Allowing us to find the balance between honesty, fairness, freedom and commitment. Financially as well as emotionally this can help us find faith and new hope. Allowing us to move beyond the past, towards the future we want to build. Support is close at hand, but it may be a matter of asking for the help we need while offering the support we can.

Personally, when I write this blog or any astrology. It’s me talking to my self trying to channel the highest wisdom the moment holds. But although I enjoy writing — what I truly love is working with people one on one in Consultations. That’s when I feel astrology truly reveals itself to me and the person I am reading for. Hence my effort to improve my services by offering the Premium Astrology Service for those committed to their Astrological work.

We are indeed divine energy in evolution. After listening to many clients, repeating their own unique experience of this energy. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been a year has been a powerful and rapid awakening to, and healing from, old wounds. We are now reaching the peak of this process again in December as the energy crystallizes bringing a fresh wave of optimism and healing.

Next year, Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) will enter Aries at the end of May — making a conjunction to the Aries Point. That’s when we are really going to the see the effects of the changes that are happening on this very personal level. As each person on this planet wakes up to their unique gifts, we are then going to be charged with the desire to go out there and do something with it. This is a huge wake up call so don’t underestimate the changes taking place in your life.

With the Saturn-Pluto square also in effect through most of next year until August. These are necessary shifts so deal with this stuff consciously as possible, taking responsibility to make the changes where necessary.

Sure this means a lot for the external changes that happen in our lives. But my approach to astrology and indeed life is that it is always an inner spiritual journey. The external is only manifesting and reflecting a greater inner truth. Astrology is one language, that helps us become aware of this alchemical, cosmic, spiritual process of evolution.

With the Sun in Sagittarius the focus is on sharing our wealth. This does not have to mean monetarily, although it is the season for giving. But more in how we share our spirit, and our gifts of knowledge, compassion and awareness.

Hope all is well where you are. I will be back with Astrology in a day or so — but things are getting pretty hectic here as 2010 rolls around the corner. Soon I will be busier with writing the Annual Horoscopes, which is shaping up to be quite the year of change. If you haven’t already ordered your 2010 Annual Horoscopes you can do so here. Don’t forget to order one for your Ascendant as well.

With love and wishing us all a joyous holiday season,

Priya on the Upper East Side…

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