Gemini Full Moon

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Hello and Welcome,

We are still under the energy of the Full Moon, with the Moon still in Gemini… I posted the Full Moon report late last night to the site – which you can read here. It covers the major aspects in the sky at the moment a brief look forward before the next New Moon.

Today Jupiter conjuncts Psyche in Aquarius. Here is an excerpt from the Full Moon report looking at this aspect.

Also powerfully Jupiter conjuncts Psyche in Aquarius hours after the Full Moon. This is a huge aspect magnifying but also potentially healing, the sense of a wound that won’t heal. In Aquarius there may be a feeling that no one understands. But if one looks beyond the self, there can be awareness of the collective psyche which operates on this sense of trying to fit in. When in fact no two people are alike. All aspects at the time of ask for sensitivity, honesty and compassion in our interactions. We can never know it all, especially when it comes to our relationships. That is where the ego is most invested, easily hurt and the mind most quick to judge. — An Excerpt, Gemini Full Moon report, Dec. 2, 2009 by Priya Kale

Expect revelations and information to come through over the next few days. Duality may be riding high, but the Sun in Sagittarius is a reminder for us to be wise and philosophical in our actions and communication.

I’ll be back soon with more astrology. For now, for me it’s another busy day with consultations, emails and star gazing.

I wish you a safe and Happy Full Moon whereever you are…

— Priya Kale, NYC


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