Mercury sextile Venus

It is now hours after the New Moon, taking us into the deeply reflective waters of Pisces. I am in Goa now at my aunt’s home on top of a hill near Calangute beach — to me this is heaven on earth. I arrived this afternoon and after a late lunch, took a long swim in the infinity pool watching the sun set over the hills. The experience was very befitting the cosmic moment in time and I allowed myself to float a while surrendering to the water and existence that cradles me.

As any one who swims knows the trick to floating is breathing and dissolving in the water, allowing its natural buoyancy to carry the body. There is a sort of a trust that happens with existence and it is in the moment that the body looses its the fluidity and allows the mind to remind it of its physical existence being ‘separate’ form the water; and the body sinks as we come up sputtering for air. The trick and key is always in surrender…

Pisces is the cosmic ocean, in this dark phase of the Moon we have to be brave and more importantly fluid and eternal in our faith that we are being supported by a greater energy… but we have to be able to let go completely to be in complete harmony with existence. If you treat life as separate from you, you will be met with opposition. But if we can merge into — even the seeming chaos of life, there is a beacon of hope arising from the swirling sea of our soul.

Later this this evening in the US on Wednesday and around mid-night in the UK, Mercury makes an exact sextile to Venus. Within an important conversation, remember to breathe deep and allow the passion in your heart to speak. This is about letting go of the mind so a purer heart energy can blaze through. Energy is just energy, there is no positive or negative — just the perceptions of our mind and conditioning that label it so. But even so all negativity only comes from the mind.

The heart is NEVER cruel, it always wants to love. This retrograde of Venus in Aries is powerful one for us to rediscover the childlike passion we were born to experience. Love is by the most powerful force and is what can be called God or the Universal energy. It feels like the hearts on fire and has something to say — within an important conversation, remember breathe deep, be honest and allow the passion in your heart to speak rather than what your mind has in mind.

I am heading off to dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin to a restaurant by the beach now — then to ‘Paradise Village’ our family vacation home that I have visited every year since I was about 12.  I have no internet there so will try to be back online sometime tomorrow or the day after. Tomorrow I’m heading to Anjuna Beach with my Ipod and a few books — Jung and Tarot : An Archetypal Journey by Sallie Nichols which I have found to be particularly enlightening; Cosmos and Psyche by Richrad Tarnas who is by far the most gentle brilliant and ethereal Piscean soul I have been honored to meet and share a poignant magical moments with.So bye for now and I will catch you again soon…

Here’s wishing you a happy and magical New Moon…



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