Moon and Venus in Aries

Yesterday, I spent the day at Curlie’s (a beach shack at Anjuna Beach in Goa,) swimming in the ocean, soaking in the sun, sleeping on the sand, reading, just being. I sat watching the Sun set and first saw Venus rise above the horizon and the the day old Moon below in Pisces, a transcendental silver sliver. It was a breathtaking sight and I seeped it in, in the midst of life awakening around me; Goa trance in the air, campfires on the beach, people swaying to the music experiencing and living life.

It was a long walk back as I headed back home and with a New [no] Moon and a night full of stars cradled in darkness swallowed me whole with it. Venus in Aries was as bright as fireball, I actually had to stop and stare to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. Finally I made it home soulfully empty and renewed.

With my Scorpio rising, there is a certain peace I get when I’m immersed in the ocean — which to me is one of the simplest metaphors of life. Life does indeed come at us in waves — its about learning to surf the tide, knowing when to surrender, when to swim and when to float — we chose the inner experience. There is no right or wrong way — but assuming you don’t want to “drown” in unconsciousness it’s best we be aware.

Now as I write this, the North Node is exactly conjunct the Ascendant. The Moon has now entered Aries and will go on to make a conjunction to Venus in the sign, who is almost stationary in the sky ready to turn retrograde next week on Mar. 6, 2009. Pay attention to what comes up over the next couple of days, it has a deep message for the coming retrograde phase especially about something our heart feels passionately about.

Venus and the Moon are both representations of the divine feminine; if the Moon is the intuitive womb that births existence, Venus is the core love energy that sustains and IS life itself.

It’s about 3:30 PM here in Goa now — I got a bit of my writing done (this weeks horoscopes come to you courtesy Goa) and now I will head to a cafe to post this blog and then head to catch the Sun set somewhere; my friend Sam suggested Dream Beach which sounds just fine to me. More soon…



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