Taurus Moon squares Aquarius stellium…

A quick hello,

I was to fly back to Mumbai today — but there was a mix-up with my flight (and I just lost a long blog due to a power outtage at the cafe) so I leave tomorrow.

To sum up what I had said since this place closes in about 15 min and who knows how long the power will last here. There are strong winds of change blowing this week as the activity in Aquarius heightens with Mars and Mercury conjunct the Chiron Neptune conjunction. Awareness, honesty and transparency are absolutely KEY to this energy or it will manifest in chaos and feeling of disintegration.

Now with the Moon in Taurus squaring the Aquarius stellium, it is imperative we ground ourselves in this energy. This is a crucial internal resolution point, where one needs to go inward to find one owns core values as well the need to balance this with a greater altruistic contribution to the world. Find your center and what is most important to you, you will need to return to this place of stillness within yourself when things aren’t so clear or there is a strong gale of opinions blowing in every direction. And we all know what opinions are like…

It’s 11 PM here in Goa and I just got back from a walk on the beach under the stars.  I even saw a shooting star and made a wish… More soon, this place is about to close, in fact they are kind of waiting for me to finish. So I must run, but will catch you tomorrow from Mumbai with the Weekly Horoscopes and more…

Under the stars and dreaming,

Priya in Goa

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