God Actually… Mercury squares Jupiter conjuncts Mars, Jupiter trines Saturn, Pluto stations direct, Sun squares Juno

Welcome to a new week or should I say new world. Things are going to be different starting today and its going to be pretty difficult for anyone to not notice the shift in the energy. Today Mercury squares Jupiter, conjuncts Mars in Libra (in a close conjunction to Venus) while Jupiter trines Saturn, Sun squares Juno and Pluto stations direct.

With the activity of the personal planets and Jupiter we are reaching a major turning point. Over the weekend as Mars squared Jupiter there we likely reached a decision about the course of action. As we come to this inner understanding simultaneously we are learning the importance of communication. Or as Libra suggests ‘commune’-ication where we exchange ideas, expressing ourselves in the spirit of increasing empathy and understanding.

We are due one important conversation or negotiation regarding a deeply intimate or financial matter and its success depends on your ability to be honest, fair and gentle. With the Sun squaring Juno at this time we are truly learning that relationships are a fine balance. Avoid getting into a battle between the critical tendencies of the Sun in Virgo combined with Juno on the Great Attractor and its ability to find fault in a highly polarized situation.

Try to resolve this inside yourself rather than projecting it; criticism does nothing for a relationship. If there is to be change there needs to be a healing of old wounds or perhaps just even acknowledging that there has been hurt. Just be aware that what is being reflected is perhaps very starkly polarized view but indeed what you are getting is the true “whole” picture.

Simply accepting that each relationship has its own challenges but the ultimate test lies in its ability to withstand truth — which can at times be painful. If we can be honest with ourselves and dare to be honest with others, there can be real healing where there has so far been a feeling of not being good enough. This is very likely an internal conflict with its roots based in a lack of a real dialogue.

For all that is changing now, there’s something very solid rising in the dust. Jupiter and Saturn are stabilizing and grounding us as we take these blod steps forward. As they form a close ‘earthy’ grand trine to Vesta in Taurus materialization is close at hand. We just need to work hard and then have faith in the natural abundance that is now “abundantly” available.

And of course the big news of the day, year perhaps decade — Pluto changes direction for the last time in Sagittarius. This long transit that spanned the past 12-15 years has been a time when the questions surrounding God, religion, ideoligies have much in the news as they have been a part of our very deeply personal life. Pluto is an evolutionary force that works in mysterious ways subtle and psychological, yet explosive and undeniably real.

Situations from around the end of May, that have been on hold or seemed to be going under deeper analysis are now going to be moving forward. We are reaching a greater culmination point now than we may even realize. But this is our last chance to surrender all that does not belong in our life, especially our false beliefs.

I was watching the SciFi channel today and there was a documentary on the Atom: The Key to the Cosmos. They talked about the discoveries of scientists before there was the Big-Bang theory and particle physicists and cosmologists were almost running parallel discoveries. Mans progress in the field of science in our times has undoubtedly proved the supreme intelligence of the human mind. The human condition is such that we are inherently programmed to ask questions about our existence.

Pluto on the Galactic Core is representing this very quest for that eternal truth. Everything science has proved is pretty much what you read in the scriptures. Whether you believe that “In the beginning there was a word” or according to Hinduisim — all creation came from nothingness and before there was anything there was just a vibration, a sound — “Aum” or you could say that it came from nothingness and suddenly there was a “big-bang” and universe was birthed. It is all God.

Growing up I wanted to be a scientist, I loved organic chemistry — I wanted to be an alchemist without even knowing what the word meant. I fantasized about working in a laboratory mixing potions in flasks and test-tubes. To this day science intrigues me with its continual discoveries of this very “real” physical world we live in

On another note, today is my late grandfathers birthday and also the Mount Mary feast, so I thought I would take a minute to hold all of you in my prayers. Every year on the first Sunday after Sep. 8th, there is a week long street fair held in honor of Mother Mary’s feast at the Mount Mary Church in Bandra. Mount – comes from the church being on top of the a mountain/hill. On the one side is the coast and the Arabian sea and the other side has steps that lead down the other side, to my house. Some of my oldest and most vivid memories surround this church.

I would play on the church grounds and there was always a warm sea-breeze blowing, with the sky dusky orange as the sun set over the sea. Its the first place I visit when I go home and certainly my where I had my first “encounter” with God. I remember the immense and immediate serenity I got as soon as I entered the church, yet I was terrified and hated looking at Jesus on the Cross. It disturbed me greatly and still does to this day. I still don’t understand why (other than instilling guilt,) his death is the “symbol” of his teachings rather than his life.

Scientists just like mystics revel in the mysteries of the unknown, about existence, life. But denying a divine presence is like trying to define God without poetry. At the end of the documentary I was watching, the commentator said “If we wanted to be romantic we can say we are all made of star-dust, or then again we could just all be nuclear waste.”

You can call me a romantic but actually like you, I am star-dust.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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