Venus squares Jupiter and trines Pallas, Neptune squares Psyche

Love and money seem to be focus of the day as Venus squares Jupiter and trines Pallas.

Venus is the goddess of love, money, beauty, art, pleasure an aspect of the divine feminine. Venus in one of her home signs Libra teaches us, life is about aesthetics. Be it love or finding our muse, it is a fine balance in the pursuit of pleasure and beauty, that cannot be rushed. Here she is also in an air sign suggesting a more ephemeral state of being, as opposed to the other sign she rules Taurus — a very physical, lush, earth sign.

Jupiter is now direct and in a trine to Saturn, suggesting there is a lot of stability right now even though we are feeling rather stretched. This is only likely to intensify as the week carries forward and we lead into the Pisces Full Moon.

Also Neptune squares Psyche today; Neptune can be nebulous and Psyche gives a persistent sense of wounding that cannot be healed — don’t allowed your pain or fear to rule your decisions. We may though, need to resolve a few huge, very real issues internally as implied by Venus’ square to Jupiter, if we want something to materialize. Bring forth the forces of faith and optimism at this time, focus on what you are trying to build and then proceed with an air of grace.

Venus also trines Pallas in Gemini at this time while being in a close conjunction to Mercury and her lover Mars. This suggests honest, fair communication is the only way forward if we want to scale this mountain. In all relationships right now if we can keep open the doors for negotiation and dialogue, we can actually reach unbelievable breakthroughs of true understanding and “justice.” Get over your fears (real or imagined) of what may or may not go wrong and you could actually be in a position to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It may feel like we are having to move heaven and earth right now. But perhaps if we can look at the beautiful horizon beckoning, we will see, it all is as it should be.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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Tuesday 09 September 2008

01:17:54 UT – Saturn (12 vi 32’42”) square Ixion (12 sa 32’42”)
01:54:24 UT – Eros (21 vi 11’14”) conjunct Logos (21 vi 11’14”)
03:13:43 UT – Pluto stations direct (28 sa 29’46”)
06:26:50 UT – Eros (21 vi 21’9″) trine Sedna (21 ta 21’9″ Rx)
06:33:23 UT – Sun (16 vi 57’18”) square Quaoar (16 sa 57’18”)
06:59:51 UT – Mercury (13 li 40’32”) sextile Crantor (13 sa 40’32”)
15:21:06 UT – Mars (13 li 41’2″) sextile Crantor (13 sa 41’2″)
16:23:45 UT – Mercury (14 li 4’47”) sextile Great Attractor (14 sa 4’47”)
20:02:58 UT – Venus (12 li 31’48”) trine Pallas (12 ge 31’48”)
20:12:19 UT – Venus (12 li 32’17”) square Jupiter (12 cp 32’17”)
20:25:42 UT – Venus (12 li 32’58”) sextile Ixion (12 sa 32’58”)
21:37:57 UT – Pallas (12 ge 32’59”) opposite Ixion (12 sa 32’59”)

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