Mercury in squares Jupiter and enters shadow phase; Sun trines Pluto

— Update

I forgot to note, Mercury also enters its shadow phase today. Read the updated blog below. Thanks! — pk


I don’t know about you but this energy is intense for lack of a better word. With the Moon in Aries and New Moon less than two days away we are in the deep balsamic phase seeding the energy for what’s to come. And that’s just it, we are creating our future by our actions, now. How it all plays out in the end depends on what we do in this moment.

Mercury in Taurus squares Jupiter in Aquarius about just after midnight in NYC (Wednesday night/Thursday in the US and early Thursday morning in the UK.) This as Jupiter moves towards its triple conjunction with Neptune and Chiron exact next month.

We are gaining deep insight and inner wisdom, if we are willing to look within past the fear, denial and exaggeration. Often the perceived truth is scarier than any reality; the mind is capable of conjuring up fantastic monsters of failure. with Mercury in Taurus this about trusting ones own gut instincts and keeping the mind focused on what is real and present, while reaching for an altruistic truth as a guide.

Also Mercury enters shadow phase today, turns retrograde on May 6th in the first degree of Gemini, direct again on May 30th and be will out of shadow phase by June 15th around the time Mars and Venus conjunct again in Taurus. Conversations and negotiations we are having now are likely going to have to be rehashed till we find something that works. In Taurus, there is the awareness of the weight of our words so be honesty, patience and consistency will pay off. Also Mars has now ingressed Aries conjunct the Aries Point and (along with Venus) is approaching his square to Pluto. All relationships are reaching a transformation and turning point. It’s time to put your money (or heart) where your mouth is and this means resolving deep commitments.

In about an hour of my writing this (mid-night in NYC and early morning in the UK) the Taurus Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn. For all that things seem intense we are making huge shifts and turning corners, entering a “richer” climate than we’ve seen in a while — in every sense of the word. This will mean confronting and resolving fear and feelings of powerlessness internally. This is an internal shift…

It is true — the ability to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, is recognizing the real pot of gold lies within; and life is best lived in discovering our colors; loving and painting the world with our rainbow.

[This in essence was the thought behind one of my mothers paintings, which I never got to putting up pictures of. But this one is in context so here goes… (That is my oldest friend Ruta, who is now pregnant and me at my mother’s art exhibition in Mumbai in Feb. 2009)]

— Priya Kale, NYC


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