Mercury squares Saturn and trines Neptune

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With the Sun past the Solstice and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse only two days away, situations are reaching a climax. Expect powerful revelations over the coming days, unequivocally lighting the way forward to destiny.

Mercury is now at the end of its transit through Gemini. Before it ingresses Cancer tomorrow morning at 6:31 AM EDT, Mercury will make a couple of powerful aspects today to Saturn in Virgo and Neptune in Aquarius.

Mercury is the planet that represents the mind and communication. It may feel like wrestling with something that we can’t wrap our heads around, or like beating your head against a wall.

But look for constructive solutions rather than criticizing or over-analyzing something. The aspects suggest that we are turning a corner. There is a simpler way forward if we can tune in to an intuitive feeling or idea and find the determination to follow through.

Within conversations, as well, avoid the tendency to be critical or too judgmental. This is about finding inner integrity, strength and determination.

Understand that everyone is under the influence of the same energy. Think win-win as you speak a soul truth, and it will set you free.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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