Sun in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries; Moon enters Sagittarius

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Good morning, and welcome to another huge day in the Cosmos [and the bar below my apartment already packed with screaming football fans waiting to watch USA play today,]

The energy is rising as the we inch closer to the Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. We can certainly see the urgency in the news. This is due to be an extremely emotional time that dredges up deep insecurities and anxiety over basic necessities like food, shelter, housing and employment.

Personal and business relationships are changing, as well, and in many cases the lines between the two are likely to be quite blurry.

With the Moon currently in Scorpio and the Sun moving toward an opposition to Pluto on Friday, be fluid as you release past emotional baggage and attachments to a past that has been the model of security. We are entering a new world, with possibilities opening up moreso than any sense of restriction.

Today on Wednesday, June 22, 2010 the Sun squares Jupiter in Aries. It may feel like taking a huge leap of faith. This is likely to bring to the surface huge, overwhelming feelings of desire and waves of optimism along with extreme nervousness. Consciously rise above your fears and insecurities; have faith in yourself as you as you take the plunge toward greater freedom and security.

Also today, the Scorpio Moon ingresses Sagittarius. As it does, it trines Jupiter and later trines Venus in Leo, adding to the dare-devilishness of the energy. Expect to feel rather passionately, fired up to make changes.

Just be aware that with Sun-Jupiter transits, there is always the danger of biting off more than we can chew. But find your depth and focus on what you want to achieve for the long-term. The upcoming Eclipse triggers the Grand Cross alignment and will bring with it changes that will carry us far into the future.

I will be back with more astrology tomorrow as Mercury in Gemini squares Saturn and trines Neptune, bringing us important information.

For now, don’t underestimate the events that are unfolding and your ability to shape your own destiny. If I haven’t already said it before — fluidity will be the key to success.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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