Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, Saturn opposes Juno Rx in Pisces

Mercury stations direct on Tuesday — so watch what surfaces over the next couple of days. As Michael Lutin so aptly said in his blog “The truth is being squeezed out like the last drops of toothpaste from a tube.”

Indeed with Mercury’s aspects to Uranus [twice already] and Saturn this is exactly what the energy is like. Saturn will only let through that which has substance and integrity, while Uranus is awakening us to a greater truth. The truth is always scary, because it liberates us from our fantasy. For then ‘one’ is aware of the weight of every choice more clearly than any other time and often it is easier to stay asleep dreaming a dream.

Also at this time Mars is closely sextiling Mercury, so truth could indeed come spilling out but so could resentment. As a caution, watch what you say in anger. There may be hurt feelings to deal with, but go gently and focus on what needs healing. With Mercury due to conjunct Saturn shortly after, this suggests a finality of sorts. When in doubt remember actions speak louder than words. But the aspects are grounding us in what is important so we can learn the lessons well, before we move towards the next phase of Saturn in Libra.

Poignantly only minutes after Mercury’s direct station, Saturn opposes Juno now retrograde in Pisces. Juno was last in Pisces  along with Venus and Mars in a triple conjunction occupying this degree at the end of April this year. Now we seem to be getting a dip back to learn those lessons, so it may be helpful to look back and see what we were creating then.

It may feel like there is a wall dividing us between deep intimate relationships with a lot of critical energy. But at best this is giving us a deep glimpse into what we are manifesting within our relationships. Juno in Pisces can symbolize deep soul connections we share, but in Pisces this can be as much fantasy as anything real. We are being forced now to look at what is real and what is a fantasy projection.

This is about more than just about unconditional love although that is always the core. There may be deep issues of abandonment to deal with as well. Saturn’s presence can be parent-like, suggesting this could be about giving or receiving tough love and learning to set boundaries. Not necessarily for another, but rather recognizing our own limits of giving and then ending up feeling like a martyr.

The opposition is calling attention to the soulful values and unconditional love needed to manifest this energy on an earthly plane. Look at the greater lessons of service to humanity that we are being called on for, relationships we share could be an integral part in this process. We are likely to be having important conversations over the next couple of days. So go slow and be conscious of what is unfolding.

Happy Dassera,

Priya in Penetanguishene, Ontario


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