Mars in Cancer squares Eris in Aries, heading to Aries Full Moon; Workshop update

Mercury has now stationed direct and there’s definitely been some funky email today — sent and received. There’s more coming to light as we head towards the Aries Full Moon on Oct. 4, 2009 on the same day as Mercury opposes Uranus for the third time in the past 6 weeks.

With the Sun in Libra [and Saturn soon to follow at the end of October] the focus is on our relationships now. How do we relate to another, the world as an equal? Libra is the sign represented by the scale — symbolizing the balance needed within relationships for them to be mutually satisfying.

Ruled by Venus, this is the sign of beauty. Libra is an air sign suggesting at its most evolved state — this is intellectual balance in energy brought by reason and honesty, bringing understanding through communication. As opposed to Taurus, also ruled by Venus but which energy expresses itself in earthy material, tangible, physical, sensual and sexual expression.

In Aries the Full Moon is bringing to attention the emotional needs of the individual — this is fiery energy, rawemotion. If consciously directed [in keeping with the energy of the Libra Sun] we could bring a balance within our relationships. How do two persons communicate their needs to one another to bring balance and harmony.

Given that the Full Moon is on the same day as Mercury’s opposition to Uranus, also Mars sextiles Mercury on this day — we can expect a bucket full of revelations.

But first there are other aspects to live through. On Wednesday — Mars squares Eris, a noteworthy aspect I feel and an important opportunity to become aware of inner fragmentation that needs to be reconciled. Squares can tend to project energy outwardly when dealt with unconsciously. Look at how resentment, or a feeling of helplessness can boil over as a result of ones needs for security are not met.

Cancer is a sign that although not usually associated with money, it does deal with one’s needs for security which includes the financial as well as emotional. When we feel helpless financially it can cause emotions to be unsettled. Emotionally as well, look at how much you acknowledge and accept your own feelings. Or even KNOW what you need or feel as opposed to the many roles we have to play in this life. Eris in Aries where we have the Full Moon coming up, so this is an important check point before then.

There may be the feeling of giving of one’s energy to something and then not feeling appreciated. If we are able to recognize our own needs now, we can communicate them effectively to another and find an emotional balance that begins with self-acceptance first, so there is no projection.

Meanwhile, chez Lalonde’s here… Mercury has stationed direct and I am busy trying to get together stuff for the ‘Diving in the Sun’ the workshop on Sun Signs coming up on Oct. 4, 2009. It is the first workshop I’ve ever done so I’m excited and nervous all at once. When I picked the day — I didn’t check the astrology! It was out of “convenience” but turns out it was divinely planned anyway (not that I doubted it) with the Sun conjunct Pluto in my chart at the time of the Full Moon it should be an interesting day to say the least.

So — if anyone in Canada near the Toronto area or in Ontario would like to make the trip, it would be delightful to meet in person. Please click on the link above for details or you can email me for more information. There seems to be a rather powerful group forming and I am sure it will be learning experience — especially for me.

With love from rainy Penetang,



I am now available for Private Astrology Consultations. Please email me at to schedule an apointment or for further information. Thank you and I look forward to working with you. [As a side note – I will likely have to cut back on consultations come November to fit in a heavy writing schedule with 2010 around the corner (I know already!) so now would be a time to schedule a consultation if you are interested in staying on top of the new astrology we are moving into come Saturn in Libra.]

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