Mercury trines Nessus in Aquarius, Sun sextiles Pluto in Sagittarius

As the Sun prepares to leave Libra today, it makes a closing sextile to Pluto in Sagittarius today. Planets at the end of a sign tend to be rather potent in their energy – like a moisture laden raincloud; and when it makes aspects from a late degree in the sign the energy it releases can feel like a shower of energy. Being a closing aspect this is marking the end of a cycle, telling of the deeply transitional phase we find ourselves in. We are now in the final few weeks of Pluto in Sagittarius and everyone seems to be on edge waiting for the “new” reality to kick in. Today’s aspect is providing us with much release, although there is a distinct feeling of our faith being tested.

Over the past few weeks with the Sun in Libra, Mercury retrograde through this sign and personal planets Venus and Mars in Scorpio, relationships have been under fire. Hopefully we’ve learned through these times the importance of and what goes into creating equal, fulfilling relationships — communication being a key factor.

As the Sun sextiles Pluto, we are being asked to look at the bigger picture unfolding. We are at point of a profound transformation within our relationships, “freeing” ourselves of much that has been been challenging. I am always amazed by astrology, often I will “see” an aspect take place and write the blog before hand of course thinking I know what is going to happen. More often than not my words ring true for me too, but it is also true that as I am interpreting the astrology I have to fight against my own fears of making a “prediction.” But I am learning to trust myself and more importantly to trust the astrology even when the voices in my head tell me things can’t be so good.

Indeed this is the dilemma I face right now — things are good, even if everything seems to be falling apart more than coming together. But that is the energy of Pluto, it can feel like the blast of a blow torch — but sometimes thats the only way to find the needle in the hay stack. With the Sun about to move into Scorpio tomorrow we are entering a deeper phase of transformation which can’t begin to come about unless we are willing to surrender the baggage in favor of something that expands our spiritual and soul horizons.

Meanwhile Mercury trines Nessus for the third time as it picks up speed this week. Mercury retrograde although deeply confusing and disorienting at the time, does indeed have its merits if you haven’t recognized it yet. On a deeper level, it offers us an inner perspective and a period of reflection — giving us a chance to look at the root of a problem rather than our quick “mind-fixes” based on assumptions, perceptions and projection.

Today’s aspect to Nessus is one where we may finally find a way forward through understanding some of these very self-destructive thought patterns, based on experiences that have there roots deep in the past rather than reality. Nessus’ has the key phrase “the buck stops here” suggesting, we may indeed have had enough of something — and it truly may be a thing of the mind. Abusive, toxic communication can now be resolved if the people involved are both willing to “own their stuff” — be they projections or a past of wounds, and in doing so be freed of it. Just acting out of an awareness instead of compulsive fear based responses we can truly break a cycle

— Priya Kale, NYC


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